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Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio: The classic animation “The Book of the Heavens” has been completely restored and will be screened in cinemas in the near future_sound

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Original title: Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio: The classic animation “Tanshu Qi Tan” has been completely restored and will be screened in theaters soon

Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio announced on the 14th that the classic animation blockbuster “The Book of Heaven” has completed the overall picture and sound restoration based on 4K ultra-high-definition technology, and its 4K commemorative version is scheduled to be released on November 5th in theaters nationwide.

Part of the scene diagram of the protagonist “Dan Sheng” in “Tian Shu Qi Tan”. (Provided by Shanghai Art Film Studio)

“Book of Heaven” is one of the most popular domestic animation blockbusters after my country’s reform and opening up, and it is also one of the representative works of the “Chinese School” of animation. This work was born in 1983 and is adapted from the ancient Chinese legendary novel “Ping Yao Zhuan”. It tells the story of “Yuan Gong” and “Dang Sheng” fighting against three fox monsters and sacrificing the “ego” for the benefit of the common people. .

The works draw heavily on the artistic elements of Chinese traditional culture, such as landscape painting, sculpture, opera, classical gardens, folk music, etc., and can be regarded as a “master” in the field of cartoons. It is worth mentioning that this work brought together the “golden generation” creative production team of the Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio in the 1980s, and it was also supported by many masters in the Shanghai film industry. In the dubbing part alone, Ding Jianhua dubbed “Eggs”, Bi Ke dubbed “Yuan Gong”, Su Xiu, Cheng Xiaohua, Shi Rong, Cao Lei, Shang Hua and other Chinese dubbing backbones also contributed extremely wonderful voice performances.

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“Book of Heaven and Strange Tan” shows the characteristics of Chinese landscape painting. (Provided by Shanghai Art Film Studio)

According to Su Da, director of Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio, “The Book of Heaven” has gone through a long process of overall restoration and digitization. In the basic restoration stage, the technicians first organize the original film of the cartoon, clean it by ultrasonic washing, and then scan it into the computer hard disk; then perform color correction, frame-by-frame restoration, sound scanning, etc.; finally, sound and picture synthesis. In the 4K restoration stage, the relevant team also performed denoising, de-scratching, and color enhancement of the film. In the process, they continued to test and repeatedly tuned. While improving the clarity of the film, the brushstrokes of the original animation of the film were preserved to the utmost extent. And graininess.

The sound restoration of “The Book of Heaven” also went through a sophisticated and cumbersome process. The restoration engineer used modern separation technology to separate the dialogue, music and sound effects in the mono master tape, and strive to restore the original sound effects of the film. After successfully separated into the surround sound, the sound material of “The Book of Heaven” is then expanded through the effector, so that the sound field and sound effects can finally achieve a multi-channel effect suitable for modern theater projections.

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