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Sharon Stone, two lives for a diva

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What did you do?

“They told me I had to leave the hotel right away because I wasn’t safe with no bodyguards. They asked the kitchen staff and maids to help me out. They made a human chain, putting everyone around me. Outside they were screaming, a guy ran up to me and hurt my foot, which was bleeding. I got into the back of a van, people got on top of me to protect me, my friends started singing Kumbaya my lord! ».

You grew up in Pennsylvania, how did you come up with the idea of ​​becoming an actress?

“My mother said I came out of the womb as an actress (laughs, ed).”

There were cinemas, where did you grow up?

“We lived in a very small town, our films were often the ones in third viewing and the TV had three channels. But on Saturday mornings all the good old black and white films were on, it was my time. ‘

She is a real diva, but they describe her as a person with simple ways: for example they say that she goes to talk to the chefs of the hotel kitchens.

«Last week I was in the south of France in a resort where I have been staying for 25 years, we always have the Amfar gala there. I know all the staff because they all work with us at the event, I know everything about the chef, the pastry chef, the waiters and the parking attendants. I know them a lot more than I know how to live a luxurious life, because I have lived most of my life traveling for the cinema or for AIDS research. Flight attendants, concierges, housekeeping staff, parking attendants and chefs are the people I have the most close contact with ».

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Do you still like red carpets?

“Now much more, because people don’t tear my clothes off, they don’t feel the need anymore. First they wanted a piece of you, a lock of your hair, a piece of dress. It was like when the Beatles were famous, then cell phones and selfies arrived and everything changed, that frenzy disappeared ».

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