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Shen Chi’s transformation staged hilarious chasing murderers to open the road to comedy

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Recently, the powerful actor Shen Chi participated in the domestic comedy variety “Annual Comedy Competition” as a comedy rookie. With the hilarious performance in the comedy “Full Score”, he successfully won praise from the audience and officially opened his own road to comedy.

  Movie generals to comedy soldiers fight against the world with the power of laughter

Shen Chi, who has participated in popular dramas such as “Knowing or Not Knowing It Should Be Green, Fat, Red and Thin”, “The Rumored Chen Qianqian” and other popular dramas, before appearing in front of the audience as a tough guy who can fight with righteousness. Participating in the “Annual Comedy Contest” this time is a brand new attempt for him to break through himself. In the work “Full Score Car God”, the criminal policeman he plays accidentally meets a novice driver who is safety first, triggering a series of hilarious incidents. For seemingly similar characters, Shen Chi turns his seriousness and strength into a source of funny, and conveys happiness to the audience through interesting dialogue and rich body language.

In the interview, Shen Chi referred to his comedy group as the “porter of laughter”. He said that he hopes to show the audience another kind of comedy power through works with a sense of power, and use this power to fight against the world. Negative Energy. “Want to bring happiness to others through our works”, this is Shen Chi’s most simple wish on the road to comedy.

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 Live up to the original intention and bravely enter the comedy world with laughter and take on the promising future

Shen Chi, who is also an actor and a host, has appeared in variety shows, and is familiar to the audience by virtue of the “stone” in “Knowing or Not Knowing Should Be Green, Fat, Red and Thin”. The tough guy’s appearance and excellent acting skills make Shen Chi in the film and television dramas unfavorable, but he has the heart of a comedian. He starred in several comedy movies including “Pancake Man” and “The Great Song Story”. He showed his talent for comedy. , Let the audience see his infinite possibilities in comedy.

Participating in the “Annual Comedy Competition” this time is another attempt by Shen Chi after film and television comedy. Because of his work, he kept compressing his rest time for works, learning from his partners and screenwriters, and working hard to rehearse, only to bring better works to the audience. After the show was broadcast, Shen Chi’s violent policeman made many audiences scream at the crime, and his elimination also made netizens regret it, and he spontaneously amnesty for him, hoping that he can bring more comedy masterpieces.

Although Shen Chi’s journey to comedy competition has come to an end, his comedy road has just started. I believe that in the near future, he will bring more mature comedies to the audience and grow from a newcomer to a real comedian.

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