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Shen Yun Bel Canto is the best health and safety expert impressed by | Dancers | Houston Wortham Theater

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[EpochTimesSeptember192021](Epoch Times reporter Mai Lei, Houston, USA) Friends meet, come here, Houston elites from all walks of life have repeatedly fallen for Shen Yun, health and safety expert Cassie Istkltt and construction company manager Kate Forester is one of them.

On the afternoon of September 18th, Cassie Istkltt and her friend Kate Forester came to the Houston Wortham Center Brown Theater to watch Shen Yun’s first local performance this year. The spiritual connotation of “I” is admired, and it is even more exciting for Shen Yun to restore and carry forward the lost traditional artistic techniques.

The traditional arts performed by Shen Yun include Chinese classical dance, traditional costumes, a live orchestra combining Chinese and Western styles, and bel canto solo. Cassie Istkltt was deeply fascinated by the bel canto solo. “The bel canto method is very unique and impressive, and the skill level is quite high.” She praised, “The bel canto method is very traditional, and it was once popular in the East and the West. , But now it has been lost, the performance of the song is so outstanding, I am indulged in the beautiful bel canto songs.”

In addition to bel canto, Cassie Istkltt also praised that the costumes and dances in the performance were “so impressive and eye-catching, and I also noticed that the dancers are very skilled.”

Cassie Istkltt believes that the performance is ingenious, combining ancient traditional culture with modern social stories, “I like this kind of presentation.” She also said, “I noticed (the stage background uses) the three-dimensional (dynamic sky curtain) technical effect. , It’s extraordinary, it’s beyond my expectation, it’s really exciting.”

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“I noticed from the program book that the director of Shen Yun is also an art director. He designed the costumes and created some songs that Shen Yun sang. A new set of programs every year is very shocking. This is a huge project.” Cassie Istkltt praised, “I understand that this performance is to revive traditional culture, I think it is very meaningful!”

Kate Forester, the manager of the construction company, is fascinated by the body charm of Chinese classical dance. “The performance of dance is so smooth. I especially like the sleeve dance. Watching the long sleeves fly out softly, and then take it back, it is so natural and smooth. I have been observing how they do it. This dance is very beautiful and is my favorite.”

Kate Forester especially praised the combination of ancient and modern performances, which made the whole performance lively and interesting. “I was surprised to see such fun from the performance.” The unique Erhu performance also opened her eyes, “This instrument is very special. There are so many different notes that can be played on just two strings, which has made me more knowledgeable.”

Kate Forester said that the performance of the spiritual belief program showed the connotation and background of belief, which is of great significance.

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