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Shen Yun Enchants Audience in Miami with Magical Performance

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Shen Yun Enchants Audience in Miami with Magical Performance

Shen Yun’s Third Performance in Miami Receives High Praise from Audience

[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, February 25, 2024] The third performance of Shen Yun New World Art Troupe in Miami, Florida, USA on the evening of February 23 was met with great enthusiasm from the audience. Mainstream viewers lauded Shen Yun as a fairy tale come to life, blending Chinese and Western music to convey a beautiful message of peace and beauty.

Company owner Natalia Makarova described the show as a real-life fairy tale, noting that all the stories portrayed were unique and true. Medical Director Ahmed Bentahar expressed how inspiring the performance was, saying that they learned a lot from it. Real estate company owner Julia Soldatova praised the dancers’ ease and grace in their movements, attributing it to both their skill and the stunning costumes they wore.

The audience was captivated by the blend of Chinese and Western music in the performance, with many commenting on its peaceful and beautiful nature. The positive message conveyed by Shen Yun was also highlighted, with viewers appreciating the call to do good and the reminder that everyone has a sacred purpose.

Overall, the audience congratulated Shen Yun on the success of the performance and recommended it to others. Natalia Makarova, Ahmed Bentahar, and Julia Soldatova all expressed their intention to recommend Shen Yun to friends and family, with some planning to bring their children along to experience the show.

For more information and booking details, visit Shen Yun’s official website. NTDTV reporters Jia Guanghui and Jiang Mei covered the event in Miami, Florida, USA.

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