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Shen Yun New Era Troupe Amazes Audience in Salford, UK at The Lowry Show

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Shen Yun New Era Troupe Amazes Audience in Salford, UK at The Lowry Show

The Epoch Times, February 24, 2024

On the evening of February 23, the famous Shen Yun New Era Art Troupe performed at The Lowry Salford in Salford, UK, for their fourth sold-out show this year. Salford Liturgy Mayor Gina Reynolds was in attendance and had high praise for the performance, commending the troupe for their superb skills and virtues.

Reynolds expressed her awe at the performance, stating, “I think the performance is absolutely otherworldly! It is very sublimating and very divine. I think it is really good to be able to preserve China’s traditional culture thousands of years ago. I didn’t understand this before, I had never seen similar performances. However, I was really fascinated. I thought the skill of the dancers and musicians was so beautiful and absolutely otherworldly.”

She also expressed her disappointment that Shen Yun’s performance could not be shown in China, remarking, “This is really sad. I think people in China should see it and appreciate it.”

Shen Yun is known for its commitment to reviving traditional Chinese culture, and Reynolds appreciated this effort. She stated, “I think it’s really good! History and culture should be preserved, and I don’t think it should be forgotten.”

Additionally, Reynolds praised the virtues and beliefs promoted by Shen Yun artists, who practice Falun Dafa and believe in “Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.” She said, “I think these are very good virtues and beliefs. I can feel it, absolutely.”

Another audience member, Angela Zuraw, the regional director of the UK nursing industry, and Dave Dyson, a quality engineer at General Electric Power Suppliers, were also impressed by the performance. Zuraw expressed her admiration for the spiritual connotations in the stories portrayed by Shen Yun, while Dyson appreciated the display of traditional Chinese culture values in the performance.

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Furthermore, Karen Marlor, the owner of a business consulting services company, and her husband Stan Marlor, who watched the show, were captivated by the beauty and impact of Shen Yun’s traditional culture display.

Overall, the audience members were deeply moved by Shen Yun’s performance and expressed their gratitude to the artists for bringing them on a journey through history and culture. The show received high praise for its artistic interpretation and spiritual connotations, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended.

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