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SHINee’s Member Contracts: What’s Next for the Popular Boy Band?

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SHINee’s Member Contracts: What’s Next for the Popular Boy Band?

SHINee Members’ Contract Status Revealed by SM Entertainment

In a recent update provided by SM Entertainment, the management status of each member of the popular Korean boy band SHINee has been clarified. The news comes on the heels of speculation surrounding the future of the group following the departure of Taemin and Onew from the company.

According to SM Entertainment, SHINee will continue to engage in group activities under the management of the company. However, individual activity contracts for the members will be determined based on their personal preferences and direction.

Minho and KEY, two remaining members of the group, are actively discussing their plans for group and individual activities with SM Entertainment. Onew, on the other hand, is still exploring his options and seeking guidance in various aspects.

As for Taemin, who reportedly reached out to the agency Big Planet Made, it was revealed that his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment is set to expire at the end of March. He has yet to decide on his future plans post-contract expiration and is said to be contemplating marriage, adding to his uncertainties.

Having debuted in 2008, SHINee has enjoyed a successful 16-year partnership with SM Entertainment. The current developments regarding the members’ contracts have sparked curiosity among fans and industry observers alike.

As the situation continues to evolve, fans will be eagerly awaiting further updates on the future endeavors of the talented members of SHINee.

Reported by Zeng Weixin for The Epoch Times
Editor: Liu Yuhan

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