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Shock BMW, one million electric cars already sold

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ROME – The race towards the electric car conquers important results even with large numbers. BMW has just announced that it has sold its first million electric cars, marking a milestone in the transition to electric mobility, said sales director of the Bavarian house, Pieter Nota.

By December 2023, BMW wants to increase this number to two million battery and plug-in cars. The German company made a relatively early commitment to electric cars. Its battery-powered i3 model has been available since 2013.

BMW i3

Looking at its entire auto portfolio, the automaker sold fewer cars in November than in the same period last year due to a lack of semiconductors, Note noted. In the first 11 months of the year, BMW clearly recorded a positive balance and regained the world‘s number one position in the premium segment from Mercedes-Benz this year.
Note, however, did not provide specific turnover figures.

Bmw, the digital revolution of sales and the human factor of technology

by Valerio Berruti

As for sales, Note pointed out that currently around 30% are fully electric cars and 70% are plug-in hybrid models. The recent all-electric i4 and iX models have seen a high number of orders. Especially the i4 aims to compete with the American Tesla models as an electric sports car. According to the director of sales, the i4 has orders in Europe for a staggering five-digit number, while the situation with the iX sports utility car is moving in the same direction.

For now, BMW is coping with the semiconductor shortage relatively well and could offset the drop in sales with higher prices in the third quarter. In the case of all-electric cars, BMW expects to double its turnover this year compared to the previous year. The idea is to achieve such an increase again by 2022.
By 2025, the company expects to have sold two million fully electric cars.


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