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SHOCK THE WORLD FORCE: G-SHOCK’s 40th Anniversary Event

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G-SHOCK Celebrates 40th Anniversary with FORCE Event in Shanghai

On November 19, 2023, G-SHOCK will once again open the brand’s 40th anniversary SHOCK THE WORLD in Shanghai under the name FORCE. The event will be held at the Shanghai 1862 Fashion Art Center and is set to be an extraordinary celebration of G-SHOCK’s tenacious history and spirit.

40 years ago, a young man named Kikuo Ibe had a simple dream – to develop an unbreakable watch. After numerous failures, he finally succeeded in creating G-SHOCK, a brand that has since become a global phenomenon. Over the past four decades, G-SHOCK watches have continuously evolved to incorporate advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship, becoming more than just a watch, but a cultural icon loved by fashion, sports, art, music, and other enthusiasts around the world.

In order to spread G-SHOCK’s unique brand culture, the brand integrates G-SHOCK with the most fashionable street culture to create a global fashion event called SHOCK THE WORLD. Since its inception in 2008 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of G-SHOCK, SHOCK THE WORLD has grown in scale and toured the world, attracting heavyweight guests and star artists at each stop.

Now, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of G-SHOCK, SHOCK THE WORLD arrives as scheduled, with Shanghai being the fifth stop on the tour. The event promises to bring together hip-hop singers, trendy artists, and top dancers from around the world to create a visual feast. The FORCE event will showcase the combination of street culture and determination, featuring the SKATEBOARD National Championship and BREAK DANCE National Championship, the highest-level competitions in the country with the largest prizes.

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The LIVE SHOW at the event will feature top dancers, hip-hop artists, and new rap forces, providing an extraordinary audio-visual feast for the live audience. The event aims to celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary with fans around the world and showcase the spirit of perseverance and tenacity that G-SHOCK embodies.

In addition to the event at the Shanghai 1862 Fashion Art Center, attendees can also visit various G-SHOCK stores in Shanghai, Beijing, and online for more details and to stay updated on the latest event news. G-SHOCK enthusiasts are encouraged to follow the official G-SHOCK Weibo and WeChat public accounts for more information.

As G-SHOCK celebrates its 40th anniversary with the FORCE event in Shanghai, fans are eager to join the festivities and witness the brand’s enduring legacy and global influence. Stay tuned for more event details and be part of this extraordinary celebration of G-SHOCK’s ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS.

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