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Show Luo comes back with a new song MV

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Show Luo comes back with a new song MV

Luo Zhixiang also performed the difficult “trap dance” for the new song, calling out to challenge the limit of physical strength, and he would burst into sweat every time he finished the dance. (Taken from the network)

(Taipei 20th) After Luo Zhixiang (Little Pig) broke up with his old love Zhou Yangqing, he finally returned to the music scene after 1 year and 7 months. His new song “TRAP GAME” MV was officially launched this morning, although there are still a few netizens leaving comments He is sour, but currently YouTube and Facebook comments are almost one-sidedly praised, and even Weibo still has many fans who support him, and they are quite supportive of his comeback.

Many fans left messages to cheer him up. Some former fans said: “Although you are off fans, I still want to see you back on stage again and speak with your work.” Someone also said: “Although multiplayer sports are really full of scum, But seriously, I feel that his spirit of standing up to zero in the face of blows is still worth learning!” Xiaozhu will definitely stand on the small dome with “Yubai” in January next year. The outside world is wondering whether he will stand up at the end of this year. There is a New Year’s Eve performance, the agency said: “The performance plan is also being planned, please look forward to it.”

Restart with the signature fast song and dance song

Xiaozhu re-started with the signature fast song and dance song this time, and recruited well-known musicians Ji Jiasong and DJ Daniel Kim as music producers and voice producers, respectively, and partnered with his friend Yang Lin to write lyrics, cleverly set with the concept of “escape” Into the brand design of sneakers, “I am very happy that this advertising song was born because of the brand cooperation, because the joint shoes are black and white, and the design concept of “destruction and reorganization” reminds me of the concept of “trap game”. Out of this song.” In the lyrics, words such as “I’m going to play”, “Lions begin to give orders”, “Start from scratch” and other words are written in the lyrics, which more vaguely reveal the current state of the pig.

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When he was shooting the MV, he sang and danced to show the king’s demeanor. He felt that the hem of the clothes affected the strength of the dance. He directly clicked the knife. When he discussed with the dancers which song was the most tiring, he laughed and said: “In fact, what kind of tired we are most afraid of, singing It will be a suite, if all come together…”, he leaned his forehead and said, “Tired!”

Show Luo comes back with a new song MV
Show Luo’s new single “TRAP GAME” MV was launched on YouTube this morning. (Taken from the network)
Show Luo comes back with a new song MV
Show Luo’s new single officially announced his comeback. He wore a strong vest and showed off a pair of “unicorn arms”, and revealed that it took him several months to get back to the previous lean state. (Taken from the network)

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