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Show Luo’s comeback will participate in the New Year’s Eve concert and will finally lead to dissatisfaction and worry that the child will be taken away

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According to Taiwan media reports, after Luo Zhixiang announced his comeback last month, it was revealed that he would participate in the Hualien New Year’s Eve concert and make his final appearance.

This move has attracted resistance and criticism from many parents, believing that it is affecting the values ​​of young people and worrying that their children will be harmed.

According to Taiwanese media, Luo Zhixiang will participate in a New Year’s Eve concert in his hometown Hualien this year. This is his first public performance after his comeback. However, the Hualien authorities have frequently received protests from parents, which will affect the values ​​of youths, and even “Member” Zhuang Zhicai. Sorrowful said: “Just invite Leehom Wang!” However, Zhang Zhixiang, director of the Tourism Department of the Hualien authorities, believes that based on the idea of ​​supporting his family, he hopes to give Xiaozhu a chance to start again. In this regard, Xiaozhu’s agent also responded earlier: “We are working hard to prepare for the show, and the Hualien authorities respond to everything.”

Previously, Luo Zhixiang announced his comeback on November 18th and released the new single “TRAP GAME”. He also revealed to reporters the behind-the-scenes details of the new song production.

Luo Zhixiang, who hadn’t made a MV for two years, said frankly that he gained 83 kilograms during this period, setting the fattest state of his acting career. For this new song, Luo Zhixiang exercised himself strictly every day, and even banned starch. He hadn’t eaten rice for more than a month, and he would regularly dance for 1 hour of aerobic and 1 hour of retraining every day.

In this new song, Luo Zhixiang is even more challenging the difficult “trap dance”, sweating violently every time he finishes the dance. Show Luo revealed that it actually took him several months to recover his previous mental state. He even said frankly that in the past because of too long rest, he had a “panic” for a while. He said: “A while ago I suddenly stopped to feel life. I was living in my comfort zone and suddenly started to be busy. I was not used to it during the process and had to adapt slowly. Resume dancing and exercise habits and busy state.”

It is reported that Luo Zhixiang’s new song and song MV will be released simultaneously globally on the 20th. Since that day happens to be Luo Zhixiang’s mother’s birthday, it is of great significance. Asked about Luo Zhixiang’s work plan after his next comeback? The agency said: There will be works to meet with you one after another, and the singles will be released one after another, and the performance plan is also being planned. Please look forward to it.

And Luo Zhixiang chose to release the new single in November in order to make the new song eligible for the Golden Melody Award. Luo Zhixiang has stated many times before that he will come back, and also said that he will return to his “original position.”

In addition, Luo Zhixiang revealed that the central idea of ​​the song is “Don’t let fear become the biggest trap”, which mainly comes from the observation of current social phenomena. The words “I’m going to play”, “Lions begin to give orders”, and “Start from scratch” in the lyrics seem to reveal Luo Zhixiang’s current state of mind.

Previously, Luo Zhixiang had been exposed by his ex-girlfriend Zhou Yangqing to participate in the “multiplayer sports“, and his image plummeted and disappeared from the public eye. Luo Zhixiang has made all-out preparations for his comeback. It can be said that his ambition is not small. Do you support Luo Zhixiang’s comeback?

Original title: Luo Zhixiang’s comeback in the New Year’s Eve finally caused dissatisfaction: Then Leehom Wang also invited

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