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Shu Qi’s Allergy Struggles: The Truth Behind Her Swollen Arms

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Shu Qi’s Allergy Struggles: The Truth Behind Her Swollen Arms

Taiwanese Actress Shu Qi Reveals Reason Behind Swollen Arms in Recent Instagram Post

After Taiwanese artist Shu Qi married Hong Kong director Stephen Fung, her work pace has slowed down significantly. She frequently shares recent news on social networking sites. On the 25th, she uploaded a photo on IG wearing a tank top, revealing her amazingly thick arms. She originally thought she was going to share the results of training her arms, but she was helpless when the reason was revealed.

On the 25th, Shu Qi posted a photo on IG with long hair shawl, wearing a gray vest, hands on waist and pursed lips. She showed her arms. Her muscles looked quite lean and her arms looked quite strong. Because her pursed-lip expression was considered a bit “weird”, as if she was sharing fitness results, netizens jokingly left a message: “From this angle, it seems like you are going to punch me away in the next second!”

However, after reading the post, I realized that Shu Qi had a hidden agenda when she posted the photo. She hilariously revealed: “Don’t think that I have built up my biceps and triceps. It’s because my sleeves were not covered by ultraviolet rays and they became swollen due to allergies.”

In 2016, Shu Qi collaborated with Hong Kong director Stephen Fung to film the movie “Rogue Alliance”. During the filming period, the two took wedding photos during the break, completing a life-long event. After being forced to give birth frequently, she suffered from severe skin allergies due to problems with her immune system. She was advised by doctors not to overwork herself and to recuperate her body.

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Shu Qi, who has a humorous personality, suddenly posted on Weibo in December 2017, “Farewell to her acting career temporarily, thanks to a wrong love” and “Goodbye in the world“, which once shocked fans. Although she stopped working for four months, her condition improved. In an interview in early 2018, she revealed that her skin had recovered by 70% to 80%.

However, she couldn’t stay idle, and soon began to take roles again, and participated in many variety shows and brand endorsement activities in mainland China. Just because every time a skin allergy attacks, her face becomes red and swollen, and she looks scary. Therefore, she has to choose scripts when filming. She will not accept any scenes involving special makeup, falling into water, ice and snow, and other harsh environments.

Despite a long break, allergies continue to plague Shu Qi. According to her usual Weibo messages, Shu Qi has drawn blood to test for allergens many times, and has tried both traditional and folk remedies, but still cannot get a cure. Having had blood drawn countless times, she also said with a smile: “The needle is so scary. It’s so scary that the blood can’t flow out. Drawing blood is very painful for people with too thin blood vessels. In fact, it’s not painful at all, but it’s scary.”

Although Shu Qi said that she “must work hard to cure this problem,” but now it has relapsed, netizens expressed distress and said, “I hope it will get better soon.” Some fans also left messages to comfort her, “As long as your face is not exposed to the sun, it will be fine.”

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