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Shui Mu Nianhua and artist Ma Liang’s “confession book” single and MV are simultaneously online_TOM Entertainment

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Today, the new single of the mainland humanities group Shuimunianhua“Confession”Simultaneously with the MV online, this time Shuimunianhua and artist Ma Liang will jointly explore the infinite mystery of the art of life with music “jointly”. The song composes all the fragile blows in life into deep and powerful prose poems, which are endlessly rushing. In life, you and I have nowhere to lean, but can break free from weakness, low self-esteem, doubts, and embrace affectionately.

Shuimunianhua and artist Ma Liang explore the art of life under the joint name of music

The song “Confession” was inspired by artist Ma Liang’s 2012 work of the same name. It was composed by Lu Gengxu and adapted from the original words of artist Ma Liang’s “Confession”, creating a musical world that combines sentimentality, stimulating the senses and thinking about life. “The Confession” is produced by Lu Gengxu. The arrangement is based on the classic folk songs of the Shuimu Nianhua. With guitars, keyboards, drums and other elements, the musical atmosphere gradually becomes stronger, showing fanatical, rebellious, and unyielding emotions. The tone, strongly and purely expresses the anxiety of the heart and reality, sighing that the sun and the moon are indulged when the clothes are angry and the horse is sighed.

Shui Mu Nianhua’s creation has constructed an illusory world of music and literature. The lyrics of “The Confession Book” describe the natural blending of two art categories, reflecting the meaninglessness of life in a way full of black humor, using joking and helplessness, carnival and loneliness, Cruelty and tenderness reveal layers of painful and itchy scars, but still make people feel warm and relieved. Shui Mu Nianhua interprets the songs with a sighing voice. From helpless and confused to full of sighs, he loves the vicissitudes of life described in the song.

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“Confession” MV Show black and white artistic interpretation of music life appeal

The MV for “Confession” was launched simultaneously on August 11th. The MV was directed by well-known art directors Mo Limi and Ma Zhaolong. The MV was shot in the form of one shot, full of space and vast visual atmosphere, and the screen was rich in black and white tones. Colorful artistic creativity uses the uniqueness of light and shadow to interpret the unique vitality and surging appeal of music, while preserving the natural effect of the environment, bringing a strong impact to the visual and auditory senses.

In the MV, Shuimu Nianhua sings on the vast coastline. The picture is pure and full of artistic connotation. The waves, clouds and mist naturally wander along with the melody, as if there is guidance and direction. The MV not only shows the power of music by the band, but also incorporates modern dance. The dancers with masks are graceful and graceful in the sea, like everyone in helpless life. People may have a mask, or they may be flirting with true intentions. Dancing, expressing the helpless and courageous spirit of life in life, the spirit of being forced to fetter but struggling to break free, expressed in multiple forms of art, full of thinking about life, soul and self.

This time, Shuimunianhua’s new single “Confession” is a milestone musical presentation of Shuimunianhua. The composition and performance of the song are extremely appealing, and it will be tragic and courageous, musical and literary, life-oriented and artistic. The combination of chemistry and the display of the courage of music in a more spiritually permeable form also marks the creation of Shuimunianhua has entered a new peak of humanity and art.

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