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Shuke Beta·Five-Pointed Flying Saucer: The Exciting New Animated Film for the New Year!

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Animated Film “Shuke Beta·Five-Pointed Flying Saucer” Announced for the New Year

The highly anticipated animated film “Shuke Beta·Five-Pointed Flying Saucer,” adapted from the popular work “The Adventures of Shuke and Beta” by “Fairy Tale King” Zheng Yuanjie, is set to be released for the New Year. Directed and written by Zheng Yaqi, the film features the beloved character Shukbeta and his exciting aerial adventure with a brand new cool equipment, the “Penta Flying Saucer.” This New Year’s Day, children are invited to join Shukbeta on the big screen for an action-packed experience.

The recently released trailer gives a glimpse into the movie, which continues the storyline from the “Shuk Beta” animated series. Shuk Beta, who has established his own airline, creates the “Penta Flying Saucer” using the water of life. Despite facing prejudice as a rat, Shukbeta remains kind-hearted and overcomes challenges alongside new friends to fulfill his mission of justice and prove that there’s more to life than stealing.

The finalized poster showcases Shukbeta flying the flying saucer over Rubik’s Cube City, competing with other characters for a bottle of life water falling from the sky. The Extreme Thieves team also joins the battle for this vital resource. It appears that the water of life plays a crucial role in rebuilding the airline and saving Rubik’s Cube City. The clash between Shukbeta and the Extreme Thieves, with their new equipment, promises to be a highlight of the film. The sci-fi and futuristic elements incorporated into the story will surely captivate the audience.

In 1989, the original version of the animated series “Shuke and Beta” based on Zheng Yuanjie’s work gained immense popularity when it was broadcast on CCTV. The accompanying literary works became a cherished childhood memory for multiple generations. In 2019, a new 3D CG animation series “Shuke Beta,” directed by Zheng Yaqi, was launched, consistently updating with each season. To date, 104 episodes have been aired, accumulating over 4.5 billion views online. The old version has also been embraced by a new generation of children, making “Shuke and Beta” an essential part of their childhood. The classic theme song, “Shuke, Shuke, Shuke flies the plane, Beta, Beta, Beta drives the tank,” has transcended time and space, gaining popularity on social networks and bridging the generation gap between parents and children. The resurgence of the Shukebeta IP has turned it into a beloved classic with family-friendly attributes in China. The news of the impending release of Shuk Beta’s movie has stirred up great anticipation among countless adults and children alike.

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Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure and experience the magic of “Shuke Beta·Five-Pointed Flying Saucer” this New Year. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable cinematic journey with Shukbeta and his friends as they soar through the skies, proving that dreams can be achieved through courage and teamwork.

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