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Side Academy, the digital school of the great American studios is Made in Italy

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Side Academy, the digital school of the great American studios is Made in Italy

After finishing high school and passing the Maturity exam, you are often unsure which way to go to define your future. One wonders what are the best choices and the studies to follow to have more perspectives and realize one’s dreams. What to do? If you have an inclination towards technology and a passion for digital creativity, Italy boasts a real excellence, the Side Academy, which stands out for its wide range of courses: digital production, game art and visual development, 3d art up to scriptwriting and editing courses.

Side Academy is the academy that trains these innovative professionals with offices in Verona and Peschiera del Garda but which also offers the possibility to follow their courses remotely, and which opens its enrollments for the next academic year 2022/23. Master of the new artisans of the twenty-first century, digital generation, the academy has been active since 2017: it is one of the Italian and European scholastic excellences in the world of computer graphics and special effects. Graduates from the school quickly reach top-level jobs in their industry.

Team of teachers who are real professionals in the sector
Side Academy owes its reputation to the team of teachers, highly successful professionals active in projects for major American studios and brands. Among the teachers, the Oscar winner Sarah Arduini (winner of the precious statuette in 2017 for the special effects of the film, the “Jungle Book“) And Riccardo Meneghello, who after completing his academic career at Side Academy made an important contribution to the film’s special effects Captain Marvel, Marvel’s acclaimed superhero film, and then work for industry leaders such as Trickster and Scanline VFX. Some former Side Academy students have worked on famous video games such as Fortunite and Call Of Duty. Not only. Side Academy also made the animation of Pupi Avati’s recent film su Dante.

The goal of the Side Academy: to bring students directly to the world of work
“For us, the declared intent is to bring students directly into the world of work they have always dreamed of,” explains Stefano Siganakis, director of Side Academy. “All this through a first-rate training offer, cutting-edge hardware and software, which no other school in Italy makes available to its students, and a teaching staff always at work to help students improve and contribute to extra-curricular projects. But we don’t just want to bring our students to enter the world of work: with the creation of War Games Studio we are also the first to offer it to them. In a world where ‘metaverse’ is becoming an increasingly important word, especially for our iterations related to the network, we strongly believe that our training will lead children to approach it in an adequate and competent way, with understanding and the ability to interact. with this all-encompassing reality increasingly part of our lives «.

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Saturday doors open to the Side Academy
Tomorrow, Saturday 23 July, from 3 pm, in Verona, the Side Academy office opens its doors to students and families for an open day, reserved for all people interested in enrolling in the school, and for the master’s degree in Peschiera del Garda in CGI, Games & METAVERSE as well as the three-year CGI – Game art. A bachelor’s degree or, alternatively, a high school diploma obtained with a minimum mark of 70/100 remains mandatory for enrollment.

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