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Sight|Explore the combination of poetry and painting to lead the trend of poetry and painting appreciation- Entertainment- Zhonggong Net

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Sight|Explore the combination of poetry and painting to lead the trend of poetry and painting appreciation- Entertainment- Zhonggong Net


Original title: Excavating the combination of poetry and painting leads the trend of poetry and painting appreciation

Pan Jiaojiao

Since autumn, a trend of appreciation of poetry and painting has become popular, and its source is the large-scale cultural program “Poetry and Painting China” launched by China Central Radio and Television Station.

This program selects nearly 60 paintings and hundreds of poems from the history of Chinese culture and combines them. With the help of modern technology and diverse art forms, it interprets the style of poetry and painting full of the flavor of the times. As of the fourth episode airing, the show has exceeded 180 million video views on the entire network, and has gained more than 250 hot search lists on social platforms.

Nowadays, a number of cultural programs focusing on classic carriers such as ancient books and cultural relics have landed on the screen. However, this time, “Poetry and Painting China” still quickly “emphasized the siege”, not only because the program has discovered a new style and new perspective of “poetry and painting”, giving the public a refreshing look and feel, but also because the program is rooted in the quality of the content, and will give a lot of attention to “beauty and painting”. The exploration and expression of ” has been pushed to a new height, and it has received stunning attention from the public.

Romantic poetry is the beginning of Chinese literature, while Chinese paintings full of connotations embody the unique aesthetics of Chinese people. Poetry and painting constitute the way the Chinese nation looks at the real world, and also reflect the spiritual world filled with generations. But nowadays, when it comes to poetry and painting, many people think that there is a distance, and there is a certain threshold of appreciation.

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And a TV program, how to make the art of poetry and painting “fly into the homes of ordinary people” again?

Immersion is the solution to the problem found in Poetry and Painting China. The program takes Chinese classic paintings as the content carrier, and uses classic poems to trigger the spiritual core in it. The fusion makes the classic poetry and painting “live”.

The mountain scenery of “Journey to Mountains and Streams” has been three-dimensionally reshaped by CG technology, and the three people in the painting who have not met for thousands of years can share the joy of landscape; The dancers use the “sword dance” that combines rigidity and softness to restore the dancing posture of Mrs. Gongsun’s “frustrating”; the flamboyant life in the Southern Song Dynasty in “The Merchant” was revealed in a child’s “traveling” journey …What is laid out in front of the audience at this time is not a pile of yellowed old paper or a plain silk canvas, but a gorgeous and infectious real world that the ancients saw and thought.

The integration of various artistic means adds to this poetic and picturesque feeling. It reproduces the unique charm of the brushstrokes of “Qing Palace Opera Paintings” with wonderful children’s Peking Opera, reproduces bamboo’s tenacious posture of “thousands of hardships and ten thousand blows, but also strong strength” with a combination of strength and softness in martial arts, and depicts with a combination of recitation and pipa performance. The rhetorical synaesthesia of “big beads and small beads falling on a jade plate”… The “processing” of multiple arts, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, makes the sentimental charm infiltrated in ancient paintings vivid and vivid, and makes the condensed ideological will in ancient poems palpable. Create a cultural experience that resonates strongly.

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“Beauty” is not only reflected in the eyes and ears, but also flows in the hearts of the audience.

Adhering to the appreciation concept of “painting in poetry and poetry in painting”, “Poetry and Painting China” takes the classics as the incision and the thought as the lead to show the public the multiple forms of “poetry and painting” – or poetry. Classical creations that combine paintings, such as Wang Mian’s “Ink Plum” and the inscription poem “Ink Plum”; or a tribute to literati who inspired each other with poetry and painting, such as Qiu Ying’s “Xunyang Pipa Tu”, which is taken from Bai Juyi There may be poems and paintings that are far apart and connected by a common theme, such as Wang Wei’s “deep and quiet alleys, and the vast courtyards and leisure” written by Wang Wei, which is exactly the same as the artistic conception of “Jianggan Xueji Tu” Convergence… In the fusion of language arts and plastic arts, Poetry and Painting China is deeply rooted in the cultural roots, spreading out a magnificent picture of Chinese culture with profound meaning.

Creative transformation and innovative development have activated the meaningful charm of traditional culture. From the “audio-visual beauty” that impresses the senses to the “beauty of connotation” that stirs the soul, “Poems and Paintings China” extracts the timeless cultural essence from classic works, creating new “unpopular” artistic themes. Open way”.

With the broadcast of the program, a “poetry and painting China” with vivid charm and great atmosphere is entering the hearts of more audiences. “Immersive into the painting, panoramic view of the painting, this is an immersive aesthetic enjoyment” “It makes some seemingly incomprehensible art easy to understand” “Everything is fresh, everything They are all alive, and ancient paintings are no longer just lifeless cultural relics”… Experts, scholars and industry media from art, poetry, music, education and other fields also paid attention to and praised the program.

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