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Silent no more: Ex-husband of Ana Barbara speaks out against alleged abuse by current partner

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Silent no more: Ex-husband of Ana Barbara speaks out against alleged abuse by current partner

Following accusations of alleged abuse by her husband Ana Bárbara, Angel Muñoz towards the singer’s children, Jose Maria Fernandez, The Pyrrhus ex-husband of the interpreter, breaks the silence through a letter.

It was about a year ago when the son of The Pyrrhus, Jose Emilio left the house of Ana Bárbara, who was in charge of raising her without being her biological mother, alleging that she had suffered abuse. At the moment, Jose Maria, son of Ana Bárbara and Pyrrhus had during their marriage, he also chose to move in with his father. Jerome, the youngest son that the interpreter had with the singer Reyli Barba is the only one who continues to live with the artist and her partner.

Guillermo Pous, the Mexican woman’s lawyer, recently announced that his client decided to sue her brother Francisco Ugalde for alleged domestic violence. She also took legal action against him for his alleged threats toward her husband. These demands were not well received by The Pyrrhus who warns that he will not tolerate threats or intimidation against his children.

The letter of The Pyrrhus José María Fernández sent a letter to the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante to expose the situation he is experiencing with his children and point out that “as long as I live they will never be alone and defenseless, so I will support them to the last consequences.”

“I find it regrettable and very unfortunate that, through an alleged lawsuit against a third party, a lawyer who represents Ana Bárbara and her partner Ángel, tries to intimidate and tacitly threaten my son José Emilio who, if he did something well, was to have the courage to report events in which he felt morally compromised, a situation that I support and applaud, because I heard the audio to which he refers,” indicates a part of the letter.

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The Pyrrhus argues that what her son said about the surveillance cameras in the singer’s residence, even in the children’s rooms, is confirmed by Ana Bárbara’s lawyer in the video he published a few days ago.

“In my opinion there is a serious lack of privacy rights that a minor should have in the only space of privacy in which we should all be guaranteed respect, since, as a result of this situation, he felt harassed and watched”, Explain.

The ex-husband of the interpreter indicates that due to these situations and others, his son José Emilio came to him to “rescue” him and assures that Ana Bárbara’s own mother has witnessed the alleged acts of domestic violence that they have suffered the minors.

To end your letter, The Pyrrhus warns that if Ana Bárbara or her partner, or through a legal representative, mention the names of some of her children again, Emiliano (who is not her biological son), José Emilio or José María, she will take legal action against whoever is responsible and indicated that he has evidence and witnesses to support his arguments.

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