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Simone Rocha officially released the 2023 autumn and winter series show

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Simone Rocha officially released the 2023 autumn and winter series show

Irish designer Simone Rocha recently officially returned to London Fashion Week. He chose the Central Auditorium of Westminster Methodist Church in London to release the 2023 autumn and winter series show. Inspired by the traditional Irish harvest festival “Lughnasadh” and continuing the dreamy style, he brought men’s and women’s clothing.

In a space full of ceremonies, accompanied by the live performance of folk music LANKUM, the models stepped on the blood-red carpet one after another, and kicked off through the golden shape that symbolizes the arrival of the God of Light. This series not only retains Simone Rocha’s classic princess silhouette Shapes and elements, including puff sleeves, sheer gauze, lace, lace, embroidery, bows, etc., also blend raffia, straw and other material details to interpret the harvest scene. Linton Tweed, a major wool manufacturer, uses special metallic yarns to present a shining texture like sunlight, and the red ribbons on the face and clothing echo the traditional Irish culture that smears the blood on children’s faces to exorcise evil spirits.

After presenting the complete menswear collection for the first time in spring/summer 2023, this season also has a new perspective on menswear – low-key and gorgeous, with a calm black and white tone as the dominant base, with unique navy-style beads, large lapel designs, and The concept of tooling and bomber jacket embodies the blurred boundary between rigidity and softness, and uses Simone Rocha’s romantic language to explore the deep cultural heritage. The whole series collides with a sense of refinement and a rough and natural atmosphere to create a novel aesthetic.

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