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Sister Lang 3 final group list analysis: Sister Riding the Wind and Waves Season 3 group list

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Sister Lang 3 final group list analysis: Sister Riding the Wind and Waves Season 3 group list

The third season of Sister Riding the Wind and Waves is coming to an end, and the group night recording will be held on August 1st. So who is the third group list of Sister Riding the Wind and Waves? Let Xiaobian introduce the list of 3 members of Sister Lang to you, I hope it can help you.

Sister Lang 3 final group list

1. The group list

7.29 Breaking the news: Sister Lang 3 will have ten places to form a group

The group night was recorded on August 1, so the news of the group list will not be revealed until August 1.

The current list of online groups: Wang Xinling, Tan Weiwei, Zheng Xiuyan, Yu Wenwen, Cai Zhuoyan, Zhong Xintong, Zhang Tianai, Tang Shiyi, Xue Kaiqi (9Q1)

2. Five public results

Sister Riding the Wind and Waves The sister who was eliminated by Wu Gong in the third season is: Zhang Xinyi

Previously, it was rumored that Zhang Li, Wang Zixuan, and Zhang Xinyi were eliminated, but in the end, only Zhang Xinyi left Sister Lang.

3. The fifth performance

Although the song “Have You Fried Noodles” is not very famous, the electronic music style is very suitable for competition.

The six sisters performed beautifully and sassily, and the dance moves were uniform, and they were completely a mature girl group.

In addition, the popularity of the “fried noodle group” was higher than the other two groups, and finally won with 903 points.

The Tranquility Track was followed by the Naying Track, which was defended by Tan Weiwei, while Wang Xinling and Zheng Xiuyan launched the attack.

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Zheng Xiuyan’s team sang the “Brainwashing Divine Comedy” “senorita”. The six sisters lined up in a row, and all the members were very attractive with their long legs, but their scores were similar to the previous round.

“Fried Noodles Group” is played by Gillian, Wu Jinyan, and Tang Shiyi. “To All Those Who Know My Name” doesn’t have many skills, but it sings very touchingly. Xiasha’s design is definitely the finishing touch.

The “Jade Group” dispatched three singers, Tan Weiwei, Zhang Qiang and Xue Kaiqi, to sing the classic song “Really Love You” by the Beyond band, setting off a chorus of the audience, scoring 885 points and ranking first, “Sentiment Card” Really tried and tested.

At the end of the first half, Wang Xinling’s team grabbed a winning seat, Tan Weiwei’s team occupied the remaining two seats, and Zheng Xiuyan’s team temporarily did not win a seat.

In the second half, the “Captain Qualifying Match” was even better. The “Big Three” Solo confronted each other directly and head-to-head.

Jung Soo-yeon chose a song “Dangerous woman” and performed it in singing, dancing and high-pitched voices. It is worthy of being called “Almighty Ace”.

Wang Xinling sacrificed his memory and brought three golden songs to skewer, and many people’s youth came back.

Tan Weiwei sang “But I Beg for Pain” again, hitting people’s hearts word by word. As a result, Wang Xinling ranked first, Tan Weiwei and Zheng Xiuyan ranked second and third respectively.

After three rounds of competition, all members of Team Tan Weiwei and Team Wang Xinling were promoted, and Zhang Xinyi of Zheng Xiuyan’s team was unfortunately eliminated because of her personal preference.

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As of the first four, Na Ying and Ning Ning, two “big sisters”, have won a total of 9 winning seats for the members of the third season.

Judging from the preview released at the end, the finals will also compete for the tenth seat, which will be generated by the recommendation list of senior sisters.

In this way, the seventeen sisters who have advanced will compete for ten places. Especially for sisters in the lower circle, the probability of forming a group is a little higher.

The above is the final list of Sister Lang 3 that Xiaobian brings to you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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