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Skiltron – Dreamy – Album Review

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Skiltron – Dreamy – Album Review

Skiltron – Dreamy
Origin: Argentina / Finland
Release: 01.12.2023
Label: Trollzorn Records
Duration: 43:59
Genre: Folk Metal / Power Metal

The big folk metal hype is now over, but the highest quality bands from this genre still cause a stir. For example the Argentinians of Skiltronwhich are not quite at the top of the genre in Europe, but can still look back on a loyal fan base.

Their Celtic-Irish flavored Power Metal has been delighting folk metal fans around the world for 19 years now. Also with the latest album Dreamy Nothing is likely to change, because the Argentinian-born band, who now live in Finland, continue to pursue their recipe for success and once again swear by a mix of heavy guitar riffs and bagpipe melodies based on a solid power metal foundation.

Squaring the circle of bagpipes

Wer Skiltron If you don’t know them yet, you can imagine their sound something like this: While many bands play folk music and underline it with distorted guitar riffs, which means they are considered metal, the Finns by choice do exactly the opposite. In short, they play a mix of heavy metal and power metal, which they enrich with folk elements, without the bagpipes and the like undermining the rest of the instrumentation. It’s much more likely to create a classic metal sound, which is underpinned by other sound elements.

But listening is better than reading, that’s why you think HERE the Song As We Fight as an example. The number is one of the more up-tempo songs on the disc, which is overall very entertaining. This is partly because Skiltron a good middle ground between speed and pounding, sometimes even stadium rock-worthy songs like Proud To Defend have found.

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No feeling of satiety

The die-hard folk metaller is still offered enough material to growl along to and raise his drinking horn in the air. A Treasure Beyond Imagination belongs to this category in which the metal content is reduced and an atmospheric folk rock spirit prevails instead.

So is Dreamy, which in German means “dreamer” or “visionary”, an album that remains entertaining even after listening to it several times. The fact that the folky sound component is always present, but not always the focus, also prevents “overhearing”. Because: Just as you can overeat if you devour your favorite dish too often, you can also quickly get tired of listening to folk metal melodies. At Skiltron This is not the case, and for that alone the musicians deserve respect.

Power metal? Folk rock with Celtic jingles? Skiltron ask again “Why not both?” and serve us too Dreamy further proof that this symbiosis can work. The album rocks even after several listens and should not only satisfy fans of the band, but also large parts of the old-school metal community. 8 / 10

Line Up
Emilio Souto – Gtarre, Bouzouki, Hintergrundgesang, Synthies
Ignacio Lopez – Bass
Pierre Delaporte – Great Highland Bagpipes (Dudelsack), Blechflöte
Joonas Nislin, drums, percussion
Paolo Ribaldini – Gesang

01. Triumph & Devotion (Intro)
02. As We Fight
03. This Battle Is My Own
04. Where The Heart Is
05. Proud To Defend
06. Turrah (Instrumental)
07. I Am What I Am
08. A Treasure Beyond Imagination
09. Rob Roy
10. Haste Ye Back
11. Saor Alba (Other)

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