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Sky Empire – The Shifting Tectonic Plates of Power – Part One – Album Review

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Sky Empire – The Shifting Tectonic Plates of Power – Part One – Album Review

Sky Empire – The Shifting Tectonic Plates of Power – Part One
Release: 27.10.2023
Label: ViciSolum Records
Duration: 01:05:30
Genre: Progressive Metal / Progressive Rock / Hard Rock

Photo Credit: Vivian Castro

The British progressive metal band Sky Empire is back after five years with its follow-up work The Shifting Tectonic Plates of Power – Part One. Shortly after the release of their debut album The Dark Tower The former frontman died in September 2018 Yordan Ivanov in a tragic way, which is why the band remained quiet for a long time. On her new album, cult singer Jeff Scott Soto Signed up as a guest singer and lends his voice to the four-piece prog band.

Sky Empire fuses a variety of influences, ranging from classic progressive rock of the 1970s and 1980s a la Yes, Rush and Deep Purple range up to hard rock, heavy metal and progressive metal such as Pantera, Dream Theater, Symphony X. With seven songs and a playing time of over sixty minutes – as is probably the case with almost every progressive metal band – the musicians pay homage to rock greats like Dream Theater or Hook and come up with powerful orchestral sounds and instrumental skills.

Sky Empire Goes Dream Theater?

Almost fifteen minutes long, we enter the world of Prolegomenon: The Encomium of Creation. We can expect a classic, instrumental overture with dexterous guitar riffs, groovy keyboard interludes and experimental passages. The song is reminiscent ofScenes From a Memory or Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence von Dream Theater. The parallels to the pioneers of prog metal cannot be ignored in most of the album.

The third track The Emissary begins with a powerful guitar riff and charismatic singing that switches back and forth between groovy and calm sections. The chorus sparkles with energy and is immediately catchy. In between there are complex instrumental passages that harmonize well with each other. The front man delivers Jeff Scott Soto a strong vocal performance – but it seems as if he doesn’t seem to be making full use of his vocal abilities.

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On a musical journey through the prog universe

The ten minute track Wayfarer is built up piece by piece and the band takes its time to fully develop musically. Emotional, calm segments are replaced by powerful, dynamic melodies. You are sent on a musical journey in which you can lose yourself. Finally there is a short futuristic sounding outro. Listen now HERE rein.

In House Of Cards harmonizes Sky Empire in all aspects. Big melodies, deep vocal interludes and technical finesse breathe soul and a feeling for atmosphere and listening comfort into the seventh and final song, which characterize prog metal of this type.

Sky Empire deliver with The Shifting Tectonic Plates of Power – Part One a solid prog metal album from which the band has not yet exploited its full potential in my opinion. Genre fans should definitely give it a listen. 7,5 / 10

Line Up
Jeff Scott Soto – Gesang
Drazic Lecutier – guitar, vocals
Remi Jalabert – drums, percussion
Tom Hobson – Keyboards
Jon Delaines – Bass

01. Prolegomenon: The Encomium of Creation
02. On The Shores of Hallowed Haven
03. The Emissary
04. Into My Father’s Eyes
05. Wayfarer
06. The Last Days of Planet Fantasy
07. House of Cards

Bandcamp Sky Empire
Facebook Sky Empire
Instagram Sky Empire

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