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Sky High Farm Workwear launched a new 23 autumn and winter series “El Mundo es Un Pañuelo”

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Sky High Farm Workwear launched a new 23 autumn and winter series “El Mundo es Un Pañuelo”

This month, Sky High Farm Workwear launched a new collection with the theme “El Mundo es Un Pañuelo”, which means “It’s a small world“: In this small world, we all live as neighbors and be a good neighbor It means doing everything we can to help each other so that we can live well.

At the heart of the good life for anyone is access to fresh, nutritious food. And Sky High Farm Workwear was born with this vision in mind, what if fashion could help create a fairer food system? In order to achieve this goal, the brand also actively participates in charitable causes, helping Sky High Farm 501(c)(3). This special project was also launched by the brand and the Paris development department of Dover Street Market, and the collection was also displayed and displayed through the Paris DSM store during Paris Fashion Week.

In addition, the brand participates in the Wholesale Donation Program (WDP), donating its profits to 501(c)(3), assisting the work of the farm to ensure that everyone has access to the resources they need to survive, including high-quality Food, and its commitment to regenerative agricultural practices and an environmentally holistic, equity-focused approach to food sovereignty.

This season, SHFWW also invited Alastair McKimm, Heidi Bivens, Samira Nasr and Shana Sadeghi-Ray to join hands with Dan Colen to create ideas, conceive the theme through teamwork and vividly present it in the design.

With reference to globalization and interconnectedness, fables of good and evil, and a playful take on agriculture, the collection explores, through guise, the way ideas travel in this small world, bringing together flowers from five continents, ornaments from around the world, Sadeghi-Ray Napkin collages from . In addition, SHFWW’s strawberry and moon logo and SHF 501(C)(3) cloud logo from illustrator Joana Avillez have been redesigned as plush toys by Sadeghi-Ray. Interested parties may wish to continue to pay attention.

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