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Sky-high pet supplies, a new track for luxury brands such as LV and Prada? |Pet|Pet Supplies|Luxury Brand_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Sky-high pet supplies, a new track for luxury brands such as LV and Prada? |Pet|Pet Supplies|Luxury Brand_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Original title: Sky-high pet supplies, a new track for luxury brands such as LV and Prada?

Fashion brands have added more pet tracks, such as Gucci pet beds, Versace high-priced food bowls, and Tiffany&Co. Pet tag. Both luxury and trendy brands are following market consumption trends and have launched a series of “pet products” one after another. Pets seem to have more and more “discourse power” in the fashion industry, becoming the “touchstone” for big brands to open up new fashion lifestyles.

The topicality and sociality of pets have driven the topicality of luxury brands on social media. Pet accessories have become a fashionable new trend. In this issue, we have selected four brands, and let’s take a look at the living standards of the nobles among dogs.

  Louis Vuitton

Back in 1931, Louis Vuitton, who was born in luggage, has been introducing customized pet bags for Old Money players, allowing them to travel the world with their pets on private jets.

The entire line of pet products supports customization and lettering services. Different types of collars, dog leashes, leashes, and dog bags can be customized according to the size and weight of the pet.

Lafayette’s pet Choupette

When Marc Jacobs was the director of LV, and the 150th anniversary of the LV customization department, he personally designed a Monogram canvas pet box for his pet.

There are only two limited editions of this model in the world. Marc Jacobs kept one of them, and the other was sold for 32,000 pounds (about 257,800 yuan) in the Red Cross charity auction that year.

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Monogram Canvas Pet Crate

Recently LV launched a very similar MALLE CHIEN pet box, but its size is much smaller. It is said that there are only 65 pieces in the world, and the price is about 200,000. At present, it has not been publicly sold.


Compared to the bulky and inconvenient pet box, the ‘DOG CARRIER’ pictured below is a classic among pet bags.


The old-fashioned pattern of the brand’s soul, Monogram canvas body and cowhide trim continue traditional elements, plush padding and breathable mesh cover add comfort. It comes with a flip-up ventilated door curtain ventilation net, a removable and washable lining, and a leather tag that can emboss your pet’s name. Everything is considered.

Simple but full of details, the old flower-style collar and traction rope are entry-level items of the brand, and the price ranges from RMB 2500-3500 according to the size.


French luxury brand CELINE announced the launch of its first luxury pet lifestyle collection, MAISON DOG, last month.

The product line launched is very comprehensive, all made of Triomphe canvas material in CELINE’s signature old flower pattern and black/tan calfskin.

The most special should be this Triomphe-style rubber toy (priced at 1,300 yuan).

The classic old flower comes with a pet collar with CELINE LOGO details; a pet food bowl with a classic handle design – in addition to the stainless steel bowl, the non-bowl part is composed of printed sheep leather and cow leather; there are more items such as rivet leashes.

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  Lisa & Elvis


Prada actually tried to launch a limited-edition crystal pet collar in 2021, priced at about 2800 RMB.

With the fire of the brand nylon series in recent years and the needs of pets, the pet series will be launched in Christmas 2020, including nylon bags specially designed for pets!

Lightweight and practical nylon material with the iconic triangle LOGO, the multi-functional pet bag provides a comfortable outdoor nest for babies.

There are also super cute pet backpacks and plush caps in the same series.


There are not many pet products launched by MIUMIU, but the tonality is consistent with its brand – enough girls!

The whole is mainly decorated with pink and tender colors and bling bling.

Among them, the brand has designed a dog chest strap in the classic Matelassé pattern, and the crystal-encrusted satin buckle exudes a luxurious princess atmosphere.

Dressing up their pets to make them equally unique is a way for a new generation of consumers to seek self-expression that deepens the emotional bond between owners and pets. Consumers give back to them a better life and love within their spending power.

As pets, they provide us with unparalleled emotional value. Because of the existence of cats and dogs, we can bring us a sense of healing anytime, anywhere and give us the softest companionship.

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