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Slope – Freak Dreams

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Slope – Freak Dreams

(c) Tobias Müller (@geldbier)

Everything will come back if you can just wait long enough. This obviously also applies to funk metal or crossover, that wild mix of metal, hardcore, alternative and, well, funk, which particularly took off in the late 80s and early 90s. Slope from Duisburg keep the flag of heavyness flying high and, after several exciting small formats, have now been accepted by Century Media. Floats there „Freak Dreams“ not just the mood to the boiling point.

The video release “It’s Tickin’” sums up the vintage peculiarity. Brutal heaviness makes the kneecaps glow, rap metal influences and rough Stuck Mojo riffs enter into a leisurely symbiosis before the funk and hardcore floodgates let the madness in – weird, oppressive and damn entertaining. This also applies to “Why Sad”, whose storm of riffs certainly has thrash traits, but with raw crossover energy it flattens everything that stands in its way. Rarely has a breakdown been so important, especially when it turns into a long, sustained finish with flexing muscles.

Speaking of Thrash: The final “Out Of The Blue Into The Black” goes full blast right from the start and hints at something Lamb Of God before the now well-known madness of Slope spreads and brings countless sheddings to the fore. This is truly a “Hectic Life,” and the omnipresent nervous energy of this breakwater sums it up. In just under two minutes, the quintet feels like it’s overtaking itself. “Talk Big”, on the other hand, opens the album with a clear commitment to funk, literally prances through the aisles and shows a broad grin. If the tempo increases in the middle, the pit fills up on its own.

Of course, this takes on a very strange and unorthodox dynamic of its own, which cannot be denied, but the entertainment value of this long player is also damn high. Slope can be heard giving a damn about conventions and expectations, preferring instead to celebrate and bring the funky crossover back into the spotlight. You have to get involved with “Freak Dreams”, of course, but this journey through time with a breath of fresh air is worth it – a powerful gem from start to finish that ensures a great mood and a lot of neck pain.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: February 2nd, 2024
Available via: Century Media (Sony Music)

Website: slope-gang.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/slopegang

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