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SM Entertainment has launched a new “KWANGYA 119” website to strengthen artist rights protection! _report_related_infringement

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SM Entertainment has launched a new “KWANGYA 119” website to strengthen artist rights protection! _report_related_infringement

Original title: SM Entertainment has newly established the “KWANGYA 119” website to strengthen the protection of artists’ rights and interests!

Image of main message board of SM “KWANGYA 119” website

Sohu Hanyu News SM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as “SM”, representing Jang Chul Hyuk) newly set up a reporting center “KWANGYA 119” website on June 21 to protect the rights and interests of its artists. (https://kwangya119.smtown.com).

This is the enhanced artist protection level included in the “SM 3.0” growth strategy announced by SM in February this year.

The homepage of the “KWANGYA 119” website is roughly composed of artist (ARTIST) defamation report; illegal ticket/copyright infringement report; correction report & opinion proposal; service consultation message board, and the type of report is in the form of a real-time timeline, which is clear at a glance.

First of all, the celebrity defamation reporting message board can not only report false facts and defamatory posts, but also report fake news at the same time. Anyone who is a member of the SMTOWN website can use it. After filling in the object of the report, the brief title, and the content of the report, add the URL or IP address of the relevant post, or publish attachments such as pictures at the same time.

In particular, artists are frequently harmed by spreading false facts, malicious slander, and infringing on private life, etc. SM related departments plan to confirm whether it is illegal based on the reported data, and take prosecution and exposure measures. To this end, SM signed a business agreement with legal firm Sejong in March this year.

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In order to build a transparent and fair fan culture, we plan to open an illegal ticket/copyright infringement report message board to prevent illegal ticket transactions and strengthen copyright. In order to prevent the illegal sale of tickets, SM is currently negotiating closely with the performance management company and sales office, and will immediately open the relevant message board after the negotiation is completed.

In addition, copyright infringement related to the illegal distribution of music and videos of its artists on the Internet can also be reported on the copyright infringement reporting message board.

When there is a problem with an artist’s album or product, picture, video, etc., in order to get positive reports from fans, a correction report & opinion suggestion message board is opened, and it is also possible to leave expectations and thoughts for the artist and SM.

In the future, SM plans to operate the “KWANGYA 119” website, not only to protect the rights and interests of its artists, but also to strengthen communication with fans.Return to Sohu to see more


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