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Small Business TikTok Ideas_Video_Duets_Collaboration

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Small Business TikTok Ideas_Video_Duets_Collaboration

Original Title: Small Business TikTok Ideas

As a small business, you might be wondering if it’s worth creating another social media account on another app.

Considering that 92% of TikTok users globally take action after watching a video and are 1.5x more likely to immediately go out and buy something they find on the platform, if you use the app, you have a chance to really build your brand .

The ideas mentioned above are valuable for both large and small businesses, and you can take advantage of many of them without a large budget. However, there are some specific content ideas relevant to small businesses that are worth exploring.

1. Share your origin story

Sharing your small business‘s unique origin story humanizes your business and helps you connect with your audience. They will see clearly how you have grown and why you care about what you have to offer, and your videos can also be a source of inspiration for your followers to start their own business endeavors.

As mentioned earlier, TikTok audiences don’t demand high yields, so you can tell your story however you see fit.

2. Highlight your production process

Showing your audience that creating what you have to offer is exciting because they’ll see how the things they care about come to be. It also shows the hard work, dedication and care that goes into creating the product you offer, demonstrating your commitment to creating value for your customers.

Victoria Adrian is a textile artist creating custom rugs and embroidery projects. She often shares her production process on TikTok, showing her heart and mind when creating products.

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3. Use popular sounds and hashtags

Using popular voices and hashtags can help you build brand awareness for your small business as your videos are visible to a wide audience. People browsing sound or tags will see all the different videos uploaded and have the possibility to land on yours, click on your profile, and learn more about what you have to offer.

4. Duet and splicing video

Duets and Stitches are methods that build on existing TikTok videos. With Duets, you can add to other users’ existing videos, and with Stitch, you can cut specific scenes from other users’ videos to add to yours.

As a small business, using these native TikTok features allows you to engage with existing relevant content and spark conversations with your audience. With the feature enabled, you can splice and duet videos from anyone on the platform, so you can even start a conversation with users who might not even know you exist.

Jeeves expertly uses stitching to answer audience questions. The posted video is a clip from a video in which someone asks how to clean stains from a sofa.

5. Collaborate with relevant content creators

Working with content creators or influencers can help you reach new audiences relevant to your business. By partnering with content creators, you also benefit from the trust they build with your audience that the products, services and businesses they work with and use are trustworthy and business-worthy.

NYC’s Time Coffee works with a group of sisters, sisters who are influential in New York’s food scene, and snacking. The company posted a video to its profile, as did sistersnacking, showing some of the store’s products to its 147.6K followers.

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6. Show what makes your business shine

A great way to get people excited about what your small business has to offer is to show how well you do your job. This can show your audience exactly what they expect from you, generate excitement and possibly help people decide to work with you based on your expertise.

Pool guy Miles Laflin is a UK-based pool engineer who regularly posts videos about the pool cleaning process and productivity. He shows a before and after photo that clearly shows how he took the pool from green and swampy to clean and ready to swim. He shows he does a great job reminding potential clients that he can bring their pool back to life.

TikTok is the world‘s fastest growing social APP platform with huge traffic, not to be missed in 2022!

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