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Sofia Vergara Obtains Protective Order Against Mentally Unstable Stalker

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Sofia Vergara Obtains Protective Order Against Mentally Unstable Stalker

Colombian actress Sofia Vergara has successfully obtained a protective order for herself and her son against a persistent stalker, identified as Gregory Brown. According to the newspaper “TMZ”, Sofia accuses Brown as a “mentally unstable stalker” who knows her and her 32-year-old son Manolo, hinting at a relationship with her and her family. The protective order will require Brown to stay a minimum of 100 meters away from her and her son, as well as prohibit him from communicating with Sofia Vergara or any other member of her family through any means of communication.

Most recently, in November, Sofia revealed that Brown sent her a disturbing letter in the mail, which said “I was going to see and hear her very soon, my love” and was signed as “Gangsta.” This frightening behavior comes after Brown was arrested and imprisoned earlier in the year for breaking and entering and vandalism at Sofia Vergara’s property, in addition to making multiple attempts to approach the star’s family. It is also noted that Brown has a criminal record that includes violent crimes. This situation has caused Sofia great fear for her safety and has led to episodes of anxiety due to the individual’s persistent harassment.

This is not the first time that the famous actress has faced a problem of this type. In 2020, she was harassed by a man identified as Rengifo Randazzo, who developed an obsession even with her then-husband, Joe Manganiello. It is evident that stalkers and dangerous individuals continue to pose a threat to public figures like Sofia Vergara, emphasizing the need for stricter measures to protect celebrities from such invasive and harmful behavior.

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