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Sofía Vergara to Star in Netflix Series “Griselda” as “The Godmother of Cocaine”

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Sofía Vergara to Star in Netflix Series “Griselda” as “The Godmother of Cocaine”

Sofía Vergara, star of the hit TV series “Modern Family,” is set to make her return to Colombian television screens in the Netflix series “Griselda.” The show, which is set to premiere worldwide on January 18, will see Vergara take on the role of the infamous Colombian drug lord, Griselda Blanco, also known as ‘the godmother of cocaine’ or ‘the black widow.’

In previews released by Netflix, Vergara is seen sporting a short brown hair hairstyle, dressed in cloth pants, and satin shirts. The actress embodies Blanco’s cold and calculating demeanor, setting the tone for what is expected to be a compelling portrayal of the infamous figure.

Having not been to her native country for several years, Vergara has returned to Colombia for a promotional tour ahead of the series premiere. During the visit, she is scheduled to meet with some of the country’s main media outlets to discuss the production process and behind-the-scenes details of the highly-anticipated show.

Upon her arrival in Colombia on Wednesday, January 17, Vergara was greeted with a surprise from the Netflix Colombia team. The team had arranged for a huge billboard with the sign “Sofía Vergara is pretty, but more beautiful in Colombia” to welcome her at the El Dorado International Airport.

Sharing the surprise with her millions of followers on Instagram, Vergara was visibly moved, expressing her gratitude for the warm welcome. The actress also humorously mentioned that she planned to indulge in a traditional Colombian dish, ajiaco, during her visit.

Vergara’s return to her home country has sparked a wave of positive reactions and messages from her admirers and fans, many expressing Colombian pride and admiration for the actress and her success on the international stage.

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As the premiere date draws near, expectations are running high for Vergara’s portrayal of Griselda Blanco, and the gritty Netflix series is poised to captivate audiences around the world.

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