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Sofia Viscardi: “We disoriented twenty-year-olds with a great desire to create a community”

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Sofia Viscardi: “We disoriented twenty-year-olds with a great desire to create a community”

At 14 he opened a YouTube channel and realized that in addition to having fun he could save some money. Ten years after Sofia Viscardi, born in 1998, she hosts «Venti» on the major digital platforms (810 thousand subscribers on YouTube), a format in which her peers can find «the tools to give themselves the right answers». To those who ask what she means by “influencer”, she answers directly with an episode entirely dedicated to the topic, in Luca Ferrario’s audio series “Boomer si nasce”.

Sofia Viscardi, how are today’s twenty-year-olds doing?

«We are living in a very difficult historical period, we cannot rest assured for a moment that there is immediately something that confuses us. We have increasingly fragmented points of reference, we are disoriented, bombarded by information. It is difficult for us to select them, to understand who to trust, there are many bubbles and possible choices, but we are surrounded by catastrophes. The hardest thing is trying to understand something about it. We would like there to be no wars, that the planet was better. We feel helpless, I myself would like to be able to do more, to feel part of a community that moves actively.”

Is this why you created “Venti”?

«The real meeting that changed my life came after high school: I’m talking about Irene Graziosi, who worked with me on the creation of “Venti”. I was twenty, she was closer to thirty, knowing her meant that when I looked at her I started asking myself the right questions. In her I found what “Venti” wants to be for others.”

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That is to say?

«A space that unites people. An imaginary place, mainly digital, in which we try to build a map of the present that surrounds us and try to understand something about it, starting from the right questions. It has always been a choral project, the contents are always written and conceived by multiple voices, it excites me that now there are even more faces than mine, new people even in front of the camera. We are a true “community”».

Is it right to call her an “influencer”?

«My email signature is “the blonde influencer who founded Venti”. I like to reappropriate this word with irony and in a nice way, as I say in more detail in Ferrario’s podcast, because it seems to me that it is still used too much in a derogatory way, as if to belittle a profession that has many other words to be described, as a content creator to a digital entrepreneur.”

Ten years ago did you perceive more mistrust than today?

«It wasn’t a well-known profession at all, I even had to explain to my peers why I was making videos. Today I can demonstrate that it is my job, it may be something you don’t like or don’t understand, but it has allowed me to build a life.”

If you had to indicate your teachers, what names would you name?

«Licia, my first elementary school teacher who I still visit, some middle school and high school teachers who I still talk to, and then bell hooks. I owe a lot to her books, above all “The will to change”.

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Of all those you have interviewed in recent years, who has remained in your heart?

«Madame. It was one of my first interviews and I think also one of her first, I have wonderful memories of it, then we stayed in touch and met several times.”

How do you imagine yourself past your twenties?

«Years ago I would have said “mum”, today I’m not sure I’ll feel like becoming one. My desire is to be able to live close to my friends, all together, perhaps in a farmhouse outside the city. We all have less and less time to dedicate to each other, in the busy work of adult life we ​​even struggle to ask ourselves “how we are””.

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