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Sohu Video Humor and Funny Short Video Contest in the second season of the “Funny CP Happy” track live broadcast hilarious comments_Works_Bonus_Participation

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Sohu Video Humor and Funny Short Video Contest in the second season of the “Funny CP Happy” track live broadcast hilarious comments_Works_Bonus_Participation

Original title: Sohu Video Humor and Funny Short Video Contest in the second season of the “Funny CP Happy” track live broadcast hilarious comments

Sohu Entertainment News The second season of the humorous and funny short video competition hosted by Sohu Video is in full swing. This competition is divided into four major tracks, namely, the funny CP is a lot of fun, the daily life of the drama, the selection of workers, and the cute baby. Loving and laughing, brilliant. On October 21st, the last day of the “Funny CP is more fun” track challenge, Sohu contracted artist Liu Shuai brought the game live on Sohu Video, hilariously commenting on selected short video works, and on-site Lian Mai was the main creator behind the scenes, chatting freely about creation Funny, hot.

Liu Shuai’s “Hilarious Comments” competition short video Lian Mai is the main creator behind the scenes

At the beginning of the live broadcast, Liu Shuai shared 11 wonderful short video works of the “Funny CP is more fun” track, bringing wonderful and hilarious comments, including not only the popular winners of the previous competition “Mom Kill Me Again”, “Chen Xiangliu” Half past o’clock”, there are also original self-media broadcasters such as President Nian, Zhong Ting xo, Li Haitang v, Captain Beard, Bin Bin You My, Crazy Couple vlog, AM Xiaolu, Nanpabeima, Yue Xiaohan, etc. Wonderful short video, much attention.

Afterwards, director Li Zhongyi of “Mom Kills Me Again”, screenwriter of “Li Haitang v”, and contestant “AM Xiaolu” Lian Mai visited the live broadcast room to chat about the behind-the-scenes stories of the creation of the entries, and used the most dramatic way to interpret the small scene theater. , funny and funny. It is reported that in this competition, Li Zhongyi’s new work “Happy Birthday”, written and directed by Li Zhongyi, can be said to be as big as the sky and as big as his brain hole! The previous works of “Li Haitang v” are well known by netizens as Li Haitang and her sister’s wits and bravery. This time, “Such a cute girl must not lie to people” uses a new partner, which is also full of laughter; “AM Xiaolu” brings The work “Experience the Life After Marriage”, co-creates short videos with her boyfriend’s tacit partners, pays equal attention to both appearance and strength, and is properly funny.

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In addition, “Chen Xiang 6:30”, which won the 200,000 prize in the first season of the competition, was created by director Chen Xiang. The video shooting method is unique, with its relaxed and funny style of work, solid and superb acting skills and unique and alternative expression. Countless audiences are fascinated by it, and the new work “The Most Fearful Time to See Parents” is also very popular; the original self-media broadcaster “Zong Zong” work “The Four Stages of the Development of Everything” has a novel and bizarre storyline, once because of a mantra “Small and small” became popular on the Internet; “Captain Beard”, in the form of funny sitcoms, recorded interesting things that the public would encounter in ordinary life; The story is shown to everyone, and the single dog says it is good! “Binbin has you my” shares the method of pinching girlfriends, all the boyfriends in front of the screen are worth taking a small notebook to write down! “Yue Xiaohan”, a happy “girlfriend”, the daily life with her boyfriend adds a lot of fun to everyone’s life.

The “Funny CP is more fun” challenge will end on the 22nd to start a new track competition

It is reported that there are four tracks in this competition, namely “funny cps, lots of fun, daily life of drama elites, chosen workers and cute babies and cute pets.” Prizes and joke popularity awards, 40 ultimate prizes, a total of 1.2 million yuan in bonuses, and the highest bonus of 100,000 yuan per person. In addition, there are bonuses that can be obtained by the participation of all people, that is, the sharing of the bonus pool of the theme challenge, a total of 600,000. The 21st is also the last day of the Funny CP Happy Multi-Theme Challenge. Hurry up and hurry up. Creators can upload original + first-release works to the “Humorous and Funny Short Video Contest” circle through the Sohu Video APP. The duration is less than 5 minutes, as long as the submission meets the requirements. The original content of the theme, rich bonuses are waiting for you.

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At the end of the live broadcast, Liu Shuai announced that on the 22nd, the second track theme challenge of “Tianxuan Workers” will be launched. During the period from October 22 to October 31, the number of entries in this track will determine the prize pool that each participant can share. The total number of submissions exceeds 1,500, and the average share of prize money is 50,000; the total number of submissions is more than 2,000, the average Divide the bonus of 100,000; the total number of submissions is more than 2,500, and the average share of the bonus is 150,000. As long as you upload funny content in the workplace, you can get bonuses, and we look forward to more excellent broadcasters and creators to participate.Return to Sohu, see more


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