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Someone has won two Oscars, someone is a big name at the Venice Film Festival, who are the foreign judges of this Tiantan Award? _work_video_includes

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Someone has won two Oscars, someone is a big name at the Venice Film Festival, who are the foreign judges of this Tiantan Award? _work_video_includes

Original title: Some people have won two Oscars, some are big names at the Venice Film Festival, who are the foreign judges of this Tiantan Awards?

Cover reporter Su Yu correspondent Bao Wenzheng

The 12th Beijing International Film Festival will be held in Beijing from August 13 to 20. On July 28, the cover reporter learned from the Beijing Film Festival’s press conference that the “Tiantan Award” of this year’s Beijing Film Festival is chaired by actor Li Xuejian as the chairman of the jury. The members of the jury include director Wu Jing, director Guo Fan, actor Qin Hailu, and British Director Cowens, Argentine director Lucezia Martell, Italian director Michelangelo Fran Martino. According to the arrangement, this year’s “Tiantan Awards” will award 10 awards including best film and best director.

This year’s Beijing Film Festival “Tiantan Award” jury.

For Chinese audiences, Li Xuejian, Wu Jing and Qin Hailu are all well-known celebrities in the film and television industry. What are the origins of the three foreign judges on the jury?

It is understood that British director Ke Wensi has been involved in the film industry since the mid-1970s. Now he has worked in the field of documentaries and feature films for more than 40 years, and his filming footprints have covered more than 80 countries and regions in the world. His works have won many international film festival awards, including 2 Oscar statuettes and 16 Emmy trophies. The reporter noticed that his early works were completed in the UK. Then, he went to the United States to continue his career. His more famous works include “You Don’t Have to Die” and “Prisoner of Heaven,” two documentaries that won Oscars at the 61st and 75th Academy Awards, respectively.

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Argentine judge Lucezia Martell is a female director. Born in Salta, Argentina in 1966, she directed her first short film at the age of 23. In 1995, at the age of 29, she directed the short film “Rey muerto” again. After that, she directed a number of works, and successively won the 15th Sundance International Film Festival Japan Broadcasting Association Award, the 51st Berlin International Film Festival Alfred Bauer Award and other awards. The reporter noticed that in 2019, she served as the chairman of the jury of the main competition unit of the 76th Venice Film Festival.

The director and screenwriter from Italy, Michelangelo Fran Martino, had a similar experience with Lucecia, and also started his film career by shooting short films. From 1995 to 2002, he successively wrote and directed many short films. In 2004, he set about filming his first feature film “Gift”, which won him several European Film Awards. In 2010, he filmed the film “Four Times” in his hometown, the mountains of Calabria in southern Italy. In this film, he made a new attempt-a long shot full of poetry, without any dialogue, with silent voice, with silent narrative, and with constant response to the changes in the world and life. In his view, the film is silent at first, and the image assumes the narrative function. In September 2021, he won the Special Jury Prize at the 78th Venice Film Festival for his film “The Hole”.

The “Tiantan Award” is the official competition unit of the Beijing International Film Festival, which aims to discover the latest masterpieces from around the world and encourage film diversity. According to convention, each “Temple of Heaven Award” unit contains no more than 17 shortlisted films. During the festival, a jury composed of well-known domestic and foreign filmmakers watched all the shortlisted films and selected ten awards, including: Best Film Award, Best Director Award, Best Artistic Contribution Award, Best Actor Award, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Music.Return to Sohu, see more

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