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Soul Launches Revolutionary AI Goudan: A Personalized Dialogue Robot at WAIC 2023

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Soul Launches Revolutionary AI Goudan: A Personalized Dialogue Robot at WAIC 2023

Soul, an innovative social networking app, was invited to participate in the 6th World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC 2023) held in Shanghai from July 6th to 8th. As a representative of the social field, Soul demonstrated the innovative application of artificial intelligence in the social sphere.

Since its launch in 2016, Soul has been at the forefront of using AI technology to enhance people-to-people connections. The app created an intelligent recommendation system based on users’ full-scene portraits, making the platform more open, interesting, and intelligent, ultimately improving the user experience.

In 2020, Soul began its technical research and development of the Artificial Intelligence and Games Creation (AIGC) technology. The app accumulated cutting-edge technologies in intelligent dialogue, image generation, and voice technology. Shi Yingnan, special assistant to the CEO of Soul App, stated that internet socialization has become a popular way for young people to interact, and they expect diversified gameplay and immersive interaction to meet individual needs while creating a unique and enjoyable experience. With the blessings of AI technology, Soul aims to continue creating innovative functions and gameplay centered around the core needs of users’ social interaction to expand the boundaries of social engagement.

At the conference, Shi Yenan introduced “AI Goudan,” an intelligent dialogue robot launched by Soul in 2022. AI Goudan can engage in personalized communication with users and provide active care through posting, interaction, and other behaviors, enhancing the user’s interactive experience. For example, AI Goudan can accurately identify the content of images and initiate a conversation on relevant topics. It can also discuss various aspects of a specific game, such as the best skins or strategies. AI Goudan’s interactive ability is showcased across multiple scenarios, reflecting its fusion ability in anthropomorphic, knowledge, multimodal, time perception, and other aspects.

Aside from AI Goudan, Soul has continuously strengthened its capabilities in promoting the application of artificial intelligence in the social field. The app has launched the Lingxi system and the NAWA engine, enabling intelligent connections between people and content on the platform. Additionally, Soul integrates AI, rendering, and image processing technologies to provide users with the ability to create personalized social images and scenes.

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Soul has also increased investment and penetrated diverse scenarios of internet social networking to promote the continuous innovation of AIGC technology. This includes the customization and optimization of the multi-speaker singing voice conversion Diffusion model, which was widely welcomed by users. With the continuous innovation of AI technology, such as AIGC, artificial intelligence is opening up broad possibilities for people’s social lives, and Soul plans to fully implement AIGC technology to enhance user experiences.

In conclusion, Soul’s participation in the 6th World Artificial Intelligence Conference highlights its commitment to utilizing AI technology to enhance social interactions. The app aims to create a better social experience for users by providing innovative functions and gameplay based on their core needs, ultimately expanding the boundaries of social interaction.

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