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SOULGOODS new 2022 spring and summer Drop 5 new products officially debut

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SOULGOODS new 2022 spring and summer Drop 5 new products officially debut

With the arrival of the summer season, this time SOULGOODS Focusing on the possibility of street culture lovers’ sports and outfits in summer, a new spring and summer has been officially launched Drop 5 Single product series.in Dingfan T-Shirt part,SOULGOODS Complete the design of all works with two design ideas of “retro” and “new interpretation”.Among them, in terms of “retro”, the brand is based on 80-90 age Vintage OUTDOOR Style Sheets Colorway Brings New Multi-pocket Style T-Shirt with trousers, while inspired by 50-60 advertising of the era CAT LADY This time, printing will appear in a single product in a more diverse way. In addition, in the field of “New Release”, the brand takes the classic cartoon “Transformers” as its design inspiration, and combines insects representing summer to launch insect Transformers to create a new original design.

For summer shirts,SOULGOODS We will also choose “classic” and “new ideas” to continue, using 50 1990s Classic Bowling Shirt with Chain Stitch Carving SOULGOODS The font appears. It is worth noting that,SOULGOODS The new hand-painted specially designed for the Year of the Tiger will also appear on the new Hawaiian shirt. In the other single product section,SOULGOODS In addition, summer shorts are also launched for summer sports, as well as cooling soaps that can be used after sports, providing a comfortable experience for sports-loving street culture lovers in summer.It is reported that the series will be 6 moon 30 day SOULGOODS The official online store is officially on sale, and it will also be launched later SOULGOODS under the banner 798 Store, Shanghai store and Chengdu store, those who are interested may wish to pay more attention.

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