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South Korean director Shin Jung-won passed away due to illness at the age of 47

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According to a report from Korean media on December 4, the well-known director Shin Jeong-won has died of sepsis at the age of 47.Shin Jung-won is well-known in South Korea. He became famous with his “Two Kilometers”, and later participated in the filming of “Cannibal Pigs”, “Fortunetellers”, “Monsters”, “Night of the Living Dead” and other movies. Korean film industry.


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Shin Jung-won went abruptly. Because of the recent epidemic in South Korea, the family decided to deal with the funeral in a low-key manner. They will go to the funeral on the morning of the 6th, hold a small farewell ceremony, and be buried in Seongnam Immortal Hospital.

It is worth mentioning that Shen Zhengyuan’s famous work “Two Kilometers in Time” was remake by domestic director Xu Fuxiang, and it is now being shown in theaters in Taiwan Province. It has a good reputation and has won the support of many celebrities.

Xu Fuxiang said in an interview before that he had never seen the original work and did not want to be influenced by the original work. He even changed his name to “Why”. He added many local styles to the play. The plot also referred to Hong Kong movies and added something like “Wu Jian”. The role of “Chen Yongren” in “Tao”.

Xu Fuxiang has not yet accepted a response to the death of the original author.


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