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South Korea’s weekend prime time is breaking out! Three dramas with good ratings at present “Coast Village Cha Cha Cha”, “One the Woman”, and “Black Sun”-KSD Korean Star Network (Korean dramas)

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[Drama Review & Ratings]Recently there are a lot of good dramas on file, how many dramas are you chasing at once~? !

The recent rise of online drama viewing platforms has affected the ratings of TV stations to some extent. However, with such a scattered concentration, it is difficult to maintain good results. In recent Korean dramas, it is only on weekends. There are three works that are eye-catching at the same time and have a high degree of discussion on the Internet.

*Weekend time: Golden soil drama = broadcast every Friday and Saturday / weekend drama = broadcast every Saturday and Sunday

▼The first ratings champion is the SBS golden drama “One the Woman” (a woman). Li Hani’s cheerful and exaggerated protagonist’s character set tightly grabs the audience’s attention. The plot is suspenseful and compact. The ratings are from AGB nationwide 7.1% climbed all the way to 13.4%, and the follow-up is still bullish.

Li Hani was elected president by eloquence:

▼The second part is the TVN weekend drama “Coastal Village Cha Cha Cha”, a combination of a small village and a romantic comedy. The two protagonists Shin Min Ah and Jin Xuan Ho are sweet to greasy and have a strong sense of CP. Together with various supporting roles in the play, they are also three-dimensional. Clearly, the degree of online discussion is soaring, with a ratings of up to 11.3%, and it continues to maintain good results.

The trailer for the 12 episodes tonight, the two will be even sweeter after the release~:

▼The third dazzling part is the MBC Golden Earth drama “Black Sun”, which is dominated by Nangong Min and many powerful actors gather. The tension of the plot and the visual impact of the big scene give the audience a considerable shock, and the acting strength is also Quite outstanding, the ratings are also rising steadily, the highest climbed to 9.8%.

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Nangong Min’s half-year hard training results in inverted deltoid dorsi + blue tendons:

▼Although the audience rating of the tvN golden earth drama “The Soft and Beautiful Cell Captain” is only maintained at 2%, the discussion on the Internet is quite high, and the healing 3D animation cell captains reacted cutely and funny. The dynamic appearance of Fu Xian is like a true presentation of the audience’s reaction, which makes people look forward to the performance of the teenagers.

All kinds of stimuli made the two people’s sex cells ready to move:

▼The last JTBC weekend drama “Disqualification in the World”, unfortunately, the ratings continue to decline, and it is currently at the lowest point of 1.1%, but the protagonists Quan Daoying and Liu Junye’s acting skills and the quality of the team shot are still the same, emotional guessing Enough to touch people’s hearts, is a life drama worth savoring.

Quan Daozhen couldn’t think of it, but Liu Junlie appeared in time:

You are also welcome to leave a message to share the good drama you are chasing~!

*Photo: Official stills & posters of each TV station

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