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Space B: a new experience of experiencing ceramics

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Space B: a new experience of experiencing ceramics

The eye of the street sees, among the elegant Avenue brazil, characterized by its brutalist architecture, a space dedicated to ceramics. Not only is it the largest ceramic stage in São Paulo, but also breathes art into each of the thousands of bricks on display – which are now on display, in the house built around the 1940s and redefined for today. Attached to Brazil Houseo Space B is the new location that appears in the heart of one of the most engaging cities in the world.

Signed by the architectural office FGMF, the project is rich in details and each of them tells its own story. The breeze panel, made with porcelain tiles recently launched by the office, for example, is the entrance door that welcomes you with its contemporary and modular concept. The wide openings in the walls bow to the sun and invite the light to enter and perform its show amidst the covering surface. The exposed bricks bring back memories of a recent past, where everything was simpler.

In the development of Space BThe office FGMF set out to escape the obvious. The idea was to create an exhibition center where architecture, art and design are protagonists. The complex that houses the Decortiles brand has approximately 2000m² beyond the floor and walls and which was orchestrated in a unique way – a true statement of artistic expressions and the many possibilities of creation.

“This was a very disruptive project. We managed to create a space that made sense for the current architecture and that in a way paid homage to the house from the 1940s, removing its subsequent changes and leaving the house in its raw state, its original version. We thought of a flexible place, linked to the garden and Casa Brasil. It was a great challenge and a pleasure to make Espaço B”states Fernando Fortearchitect and partner at the firm FGMF.

In a more authentic context, the Space B It is also a place dedicated to genuine and original architecture. It is the melody of striking and bold ideas, in which guest co-creators bring their versions to the coverings – with the experience that each one has, creating experiences that are not limited to the pieces and environments on display, but carry unique and genuine feelings.

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“Seeing Espaço B completed is very gratifying. From the beginning to the end of the project we were challenged and, by completing each stage with excellence, we saw that we are on the right path. We are today the largest ceramic tile showroom in the country and, more than creating an exhibition space, we want to be closer to people, lead changes in the way they live and be a stage for Brazilian design, the main objective of this place”comments Clarice MelloMarketing Superintendent.

O Space B It is intended for lectures, talks, meetings and the sharing of ideas. That revisits ceramics with a new look at creative freedom, the embrace of touch and the intrinsic emotion that exists within each of us.

“Our trajectory is always marked by innovation, the sharing of ideas and the opportunity to connect with renowned professionals who are passionate about architecture and design. Espaço B is the junction of the four brands and was designed so that customers can be served in the way they deserve, with comfort, transparency and proximity – fundamental values ​​for the brands. It is the materialization that we have always sought, to bring a new experience to the public, to delve into trends and allow people to get even closer to this year’s launches and creations.”ends Rogério Longonicommercial director.

About Space B:

O Space B is a new environment dedicated to ceramics located in Av. Brasil, 526, in São Paulo. The space houses the brands Eliane, Decortiles, Elizabeth e Eliane Floor with experience beyond architecture and design. The place brings together co-creators such as Arthur Casas, Cité Arquitetura, FGMF, Atelier Marko Brajovic e Carol Gaywho bring their surprising and unique creations.

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