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Spanish Singer Miguel Bosé Robbed in Mexico: Allegations Tie Inés Gómez Mont to the Crime

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Spanish Singer Miguel Bosé Robbed in Mexico: Allegations Tie Inés Gómez Mont to the Crime

Spanish Singer Miguel Bosé Robbed in Mexico: Inés Gómez Mont Suspected of Involvement

On August 18, renowned Spanish singer Miguel Bosé experienced a horrifying ordeal when a group of criminals broke into his luxurious home in Rancho San Francisco, a prestigious area of the Álvaro Obregón delegation in Mexico. During the incident, Bosé and his two children, Tadeo and Diego, aged 12, were reportedly subjected to a distressing ordeal for two hours while being held captive by the intruders.

The thieves thoroughly ransacked Bosé’s residence, making away with his valuable jewelry, a significant sum of money, and an expensive truck, specifically a Suburban model. Sadly, this incident is not the first time the artist has faced danger during his stay in Mexico. Despite these unsettling events, Bosé issued a statement emphasizing his determination to stay in the country, defying speculations about his departure. “To those who speculate that after what happened I am going to leave Mexico, I am very sorry to disappoint you. Here I am, and here I will stay to face whatever it takes in the most hospitable country on the planet. We continue,” he declared.

After several weeks, new developments regarding the case have emerged, linking Mexican media personality Inés Gómez Mont, known for her work on the program Windowing TV Azteca, to the robbery. It has been alleged that Gómez Mont is the alleged owner of the house, despite being a fugitive from Mexican justice due to charges of money laundering and organized crime.

While Gómez Mont attempted to distance herself from the incident, sources have suggested her possible involvement or complicity, as the criminals seemingly gained access to Bosé’s home without being detected, an act that could only have been accomplished with the assistance of the owner herself. “Now, it is known that the assailants entered for documents, they have not wanted to say which documents, photographs, and cash,” commented journalist Inés Moreno. “The theory is that Inés’s own husband, Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga, sent this commando to retrieve some pending items he had inside the house,” Moreno concluded.

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Moreno further stated that the well-organized commando possibly entered directly through the house’s windows, bypassing the main entrance. According to her investigations, Bosé’s residence, which belongs to Inés Gómez Mont, is positioned near a ravine and a colony, making it less accessible from the street compared to other neighboring houses.

Inés Gómez Mont and her husband, Víctor Álvarez, have been subject to arrest warrants since September 2021. They face accusations of organized crime and engaging in illicit financial operations. Moreover, a year later, they were charged with further tax evasion for the years 2015 and 2017.

Currently, Inés Gómez Mont is a fugitive from Mexican justice, with four arrest warrants issued against her. The investigation into her alleged involvement in the high-profile robbery of Miguel Bosé’s home continues.

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