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Special Easter Recipes – Panelaterapia

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Special Easter Recipes – Panelaterapia

So here we are, we have gathered in this post a series of Easter Recipes, everything to give ideas and inspire you to make a lunch incredible on this date, main lawn a dessert.

Dishes to Welcome the Family at Easter

Let’s start with 4 delicious fish suggestions, but to access the recipes, just click on the name of the one you want to see below the image (clockwise).


If you’re looking for a fish for your Easter, here are some unmissable suggestions.

I separated these recipes for you because they are very tasty and add that charm to the table!

1. Easy Stewed Fish;
2. Arraial-style fish;
3. Salmon with Lemon Risotto;
4. Saint Peter (tilapia) Gratin;


Now if cod is your thing, here on the blog there are many easy and delicious recipes, but I’ve selected just a few and you can see all the suggestions here in the cod special:

Now if it’s cod, then there’s something for all tastes


But if you are looking for suggestions for Desserts for EasterHere it goes:

1. Platter Candy
2. Dove cake
3. Truffled Pascal Dove
4. Lemon pie-flavored stuffed egg

More Easter Recipes for you

Update: I have two videos for the Easter recipe special that I want to show you, the first is the Easter egg filled with lemon mousse but the second you have to watch to understand it well:

As always, if you liked it, leave your comment, and if you do, don’t forget to post by tagging us because I love following what you’ve done to brighten the bellies of your loved ones, leave your recipe here if you thought it was missing and come back here whenever There’s news!

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