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‘Special forces’ already claims its first victim: Nora Gharib only lasts a few hours

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Half a day in which she looked ‘death in the eye’. That was all it took for Nora Gharib (30) to leave Special Forces again. “My daughter needs me,” she concluded.

Monday April 22, 2024 at 11:02 PM

At the start of Special Forces, the well-known participants were dropped into the sea at a considerable distance from the beach. The surf was particularly strong, about half of the participants washed ashore more dead than alive. Nora Gharib in particular swallowed a lot of seawater and vomited the soul out of her body. “However, I used to be a really good swimmer,” she said. “I even still have all the certificates.”

But that didn’t help her much in a wild sea. “I got the feeling that I could no longer get out of the sea and I panicked really hard,” he said. “When I ran out of air underwater, I almost started breathing underwater. I thought things could seriously go wrong. A lot has changed since I became a mother. Everything is based on my daughter. I kept getting flashes of her in my head. She only has one mom,” she grumbled. “I already want to go back home. I do not want this anymore.”

Thanks to one of the safety divers, Nora reached the beach, but she already felt extremely nauseous. She gave up on the next assignment because she was mentally unable to do it anymore. “My legs and calves hurt. Maybe I will still reach the finish line this day, but not the one after a week,” she judged. And so she gave up after a few hours. “I didn’t think I would get to a point where I would quit so quickly. But I got hit too hard. I’m not willing to give up the feeling that you’re going to die.”

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‘Special forces’, Streamz en VTMGO.


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