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SPEED LIMIT – The Broken Record – Chorus Sound Tapes 1990

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SPEED LIMIT – The Broken Record – Chorus Sound Tapes 1990

The Broken Record – Chorus Sound Tapes 1990
(Heavy Metal | Hard Rock)

Label: NRT-Records
Format: (LP)

Release: 12.04.2024

The heavy metal and hard rock veterans SPEED LIMIT from our Salzburg region were able to play their way into the fans’ heads again last year after a long break with “Cut A Long Story Short”. Afterwards the band also announced a few surprises. The first is called “The Broken Record” and appears less than a year after the last work.

This is a complete album, but not new but still unreleased material. The debut “Unchained” was released in 1986 and the first successes followed. They won the title of best metal act in Austria in a Rennbahn Express competition, played live with UDO, MANIAC and CHROMING ROSE and were also guests at various festivals.

And so in 1990 they went back into the studio in Vienna to record the second album. However, this was never published – until today! At that time it was still recorded with singer Steven Hogger, but the release was repeatedly postponed for various reasons and was then canceled completely, but why is still not clear to this day. Now there is the work with its timeless rockers like “Back In Black” or “Head Over Heels”, which are original compositions. The sound is authentic and straightforward, as it could only have been in the 90s, there is a slight reverb over the vocals, the guitars are a bit thin but still fry well and a certain live atmosphere is noticeable. Even back then, people were lyrically reckoning with a lot of injustices and so “Telling A Tale” is about the hypocrisy of Christianity and “Rock’n’Roll Insanity” is a hymn to freedom.

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From the driving power ballad “Black Dessous” in its 1990 version (some of the songs appeared in a modified form on later albums), to the up-tempo banger “After Midnight” to the really cool MICHAEL JACKSON cover “Beat It”, SPEED LIMIT shows off with this release Once again, what an exceptional band we had here in Austria in the early 90s and they can still be very proud of that almost 35 years later!

Tracklist „The Broken Record – Chorus Sound Tapes 1990“:

1. Back In Black
2. Rock ‚N‘ Roll Insanity
3. Telling A Tale
4. Black Below
5. After Midnight
6. Fly With The Eagle
7. Higher & Higher
8. It Ain’t Easy
9. Nights Alone
10. Head Over Heels
Total playing time: 49:33


SPEED LIMIT – The Broken Record – Chorus Sound Tapes 1990LineUp:Steven Hogger (Vocals)Joe Eder (Guitars)Chris Angerer (Guitars)Chris Pawlak (Bass)Andy Rethmeier (Drums)7…Buy on Amazon{“@context”: “http://schema.org/”,
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