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“Spin Club” shows the diverse charm of comedy to make happiness more powerful_Guangdong_Guangdong

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“Spin Club” shows the diverse charm of comedy to make happiness more powerful_Guangdong_Guangdong

On April 9, the comedy program “Rotary Club” launched by the China Central Radio and Television Center will be broadcast simultaneously on CCTV-3 and CCTV. The program creates an original comedy form, discovers excellent new comedians, uses the “360-degree rotating stage” to bring more sense of unknown and mystery, and builds a comedy paradise outside of busy life for the audience.

(The Spin Club main poster)

  With various sections, the content of “Ju Le” shows the charm of comedy

In recent years, comedy shows have become a popular way to release emotions, and more and more young people choose to watch comedy to relax and relieve stress. “Spin Club” adheres to the creative concept of “life has drama”, hits the pain points of life, and allows the audience to glimpse themselves from comedy works and resonate.

(“Who the hell”)

Guo Zixin and Hu Pan started with “Learning to Drive in Driving School”, which has received a lot of attention on the Internet, and brought the program “Learning to Drive”. The life of a girl, the operation of enjoying two cups of milk tea for one person after breaking up, made many viewers seem to see themselves as single. Through these programs that are close to life, the audience can see some stories of themselves and those around them are presented in an entertaining way, so that they feel understood and recognized, so that the humor can truly touch people’s hearts.

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(“Learning to drive embarrassing things”)

(“One Person, One City”)

With the expansion of the comedy market and the continuous development and diversification of comedy forms, the importance of creating original comedy forms has become increasingly prominent. In order to meet the audience’s increasingly rich viewing needs, “Spin Club” created the “Little Challenge” section to explore a new way of comedy performance.

After the guest gets the script, the challenge begins. He not only needs to memorize the lines and schedule within two hours, but also deal with a series of unexpected “special situations” in the official performance to complete the performance. “Little Challenge” stimulates unexpected and interesting content by testing the resilience of the guests, allowing the audience to see more possibilities of comedy performances and appreciate the diverse charms of comedy.

(Little Challenge “Little Dinner”)

  In front of and behind the scenes, create a laughing “club” for comedians

Comedy is a highly creative art form, and comedians are an integral part of comedy creation. “Spin Club” brings together outstanding actors and screenwriters from comedy labels, offline theaters, and local troupes to jointly create wonderful and unique jokes and plots.

In the program, not only the Wuhan Rap Troupe and the Suzhou Burlesque Troupe, who have won the “Peony Award” performance award, the highest award in Chinese folk art, have devoted their efforts to creation, but also senior performance teams such as “Happy Twist” have performed wonderfully, and there are also young creators who have performed their own shows. Director, creating works with local characteristics, presenting different styles of performances in the north and south. Comedians from all over the world gather together to build a “club” of comedians’ laughter, so that the energy of happiness can penetrate into thousands of households.

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(“Door to Door”)

  Cross-screen linkage to build a comedy atmosphere of “Juyue”

If you think that happy energy exists only on stage, you are wrong. “Rotary Club” actively explores the integrated development in the new media era, and builds a “joy-gathering” atmosphere where “big and small screens empower each other and share joy online and offline”, so that happiness continues to spread.

On the CCTV side, the program opened the “Rotation Club” Central Friends Circle, soliciting original and interesting short videos from all audiences who love life and comedy. Whether it is a casual photo of life or a humorous joke, it can be posted on the Yangyou circle to share with all “laughing friends”. High-quality content has the opportunity to be selected for broadcast in subsequent programs, and creators will also be invited to the program site to experience the behind-the-scenes recording of variety shows. Netizens can also speak freely and discuss freely in the central circle of friends, making the weekly “immersive follow-up” more atmospheric.

(Central circle of friends)

Find happiness in life and draw strength from happiness. At 21:00 on April 9th, “Spin Club” will meet you in the spring season!

(Zhang Wen)

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