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“Splendid Kyushu Charming Era” International Photography, Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Grand Opening at Baoguo Temple- China Entertainment Network

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“Splendid Kyushu Charming Era” International Photography, Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Grand Opening at Baoguo Temple- China Entertainment Network
On February 4th, just at the beginning of spring, when the spring returned to the earth and the sun warmed China, Baoguo Temple “Splendid Kyushu Charming Era” International Photography, Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition was grandly opened in Baoguo Temple. More than 2,000 works by more than 300 top photographers, calligraphers and painters at home and abroad are wonderfully presented at Baoguo Temple, a thousand-year-old temple in Beijing, creating the first visual feast of calligraphy and painting lovers in the new year with the fragrance of calligraphy and painting. .

At 2:00 p.m., the exhibition officially kicked off. Yang Yuanxing, the lifetime honorary chairman of the China Art Photography Society and the executive chairman of the Beijing International Photography Week Organizing Committee, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The consultant of the Chinese Photographers Association and the sixth and seventh vice-chairmen Zhu Xianmin, honorary chairman of the Chinese Artistic Photography Society, Xie Hailong, a famous humanistic photography artist, Bian Yongping, chairman of the Heilongjiang Provincial Photographers Association, and more than a hundred chairmen of various industry photography associations, photography artists, independent photographers, calligraphy and painting artists, etc. attended the opening ceremony.

In his speech, Chairman Yang Yuanxing highly affirmed the significance and value of the times of this exhibition held by Kyushu Photography. He emphasized that to promote cultural self-confidence and self-improvement, and to create a new glory of socialist culture, the photography, calligraphy and painting circles have an inescapable responsibility and heavy responsibility. Hope More photographers, calligraphers, painters, and all lovers of photography, calligraphy, and painting art will continue to work hard and create masterpieces. With a strong sense of mission and responsibility of the times, they will jointly use the power of art to inherit Chinese culture, carry forward the spirit of creativity, and help the national rejuvenation!

Qu Qian, editor-in-chief of Kyushu Photography and curator of the exhibition, introduced the details of the Photography, Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition to the leaders and guests who participated in the opening ceremony. Inherit culture with high artistic level, use more professional curatorial level, deeper cultural background, and longer-term artistic planning to promote the complementarity of excellent photography, calligraphy and painting, aiming to build communication and growth for photography, calligraphy and painting art lovers, go out of the city, and go to The vast international stage will boost the Chinese photography, calligraphy and painting industry to new heights!

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With the theme of “Splendid Kyushu Charming Era”, this exhibition is divided into five sections: photography exhibition, calligraphy and painting exhibition, exhibition selection, and academic exchange. The 2022 China Photography Contest Award-Winning Works Exhibition, the 2022 China Photography Outstanding Figures Exhibition and the Fuding White Tea Photography Exhibition, exhibited photography, calligraphy and painting works from more than 1,000 photographers from 5 countries and all regions of the country. Carefully selected from nearly 10,000 submitted works, closely following the pulse of the times, rooted in real life, showing artistic standards, promoting new styles of civilization, recording history and the present, and presenting the magnificent style of contemporary China. Chen Qichun, the representative of the gold medal winner of this exhibition, consultant of Fuding Tea Culture Research Association, member of the Standing Committee and Secretary-General of the former Municipal Party Committee of Ningde City, and first-level inspector Chen Qichun delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He pointed out that Ningde has both mountains and seas, beautiful ecology, and rich humanities. During his work in Ningde, the general secretary once praised Ningde’s beautiful rivers and mountains, splendid culture and people’s spirit as “the light of eastern Fujian”. He said that the “Light of Eastern Fujian” is colorful and uniquely charming. Photography enthusiasts are welcome to use light and shadow as a medium to enter Ningde’s beautiful mountains and seas to collect and create, and together “spread the light of Eastern Fujian”.

The exhibition invited Yang Yuanxing, Zhu Xianmin, Chairman Wang Yuwen and other leading figures in the photography industry and dozens of presidents of various photography associations to set up a special photography collection exhibition. It is a famous photographer who has a great influence on the development of domestic photography art in the collection of national cultural venues. It is produced according to the standards of the museum collection, which is of great collection value. This special collection exhibition is conducive to opening up the “last mile” between authors and viewers, works and market, art and society, stimulating the enthusiasm and awareness of photography collection, promoting the development of domestic photography collection market and the improvement of photography collection standards and promotion of photographic collection culture.

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The “Collection Exhibition of China Artistic Photography Society” curated by Beijing Photography Collection Association will be held simultaneously, and the works on display are all from Chairman Cai Yuan’s personal collection. This collection exhibition is a masterpiece of top photography. It exhibits the fine creations of top photographers at home and abroad, completely reproduces the progress of photography art, and helps photography lovers to understand photography collection more comprehensively, systematically and profoundly, recognize the value of photography, Inculcate photography culture, trace historical development, and further promote the development of domestic photography collections.

To see through the fragrance of tea, this exhibition also set up a special “China Fuding ‘Birthplace of White Tea in the World‘ Photography Exhibition”, using dozens of photographs and videos to show the scenery of Fuding’s tea gardens, real picking scenes, tea making skills, Tea activities, ancient tea art, national tea customs, etc., light and shadow art freezes the beautiful tea fragrance, interprets the connotation of “hidden, quiet, and happy” tea culture, and at the same time integrates multimedia publicity, Fuding white tea art performances, tea drinking and tea tasting, etc. It fully displays the tea charm and cultural landscape of Fuding white tea. During the opening ceremony, Chen Xinghua, former director of the Standing Committee of the Fuding Municipal People’s Congress and secretary of the Party Branch of the Municipal Tea Industry Association, introduced Fuding White Tea and introduced the upcoming top product of Fuding White Tea: “Champion Cup” 2022 First Pekoe Silver Needle Fighting Tea Competition Award-winning commemorative tea-a “beyond”, elegant and elegant wood veneer, technological wooden box, containing 250g high-quality pekoe silver needles, the appearance of “beyond” products attracted the attention of guests present at the opening ceremony Jointly produced by five leading enterprises, 118 tea samples are selected to be the best, carefully selected, beyond quality, beyond value and beyond dreams. The Fuding white tea art performance at the opening ceremony attracted a large number of tourists. The chairmen of the photography associations who attended the exhibition tasted tea and had exchanges on the spot. They all praised Fuding white tea, which effectively promoted the integration and reconstruction of photography art and tea culture, Transformation of Fuding white tea cultural achievements.

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Rivers and mountains are drawn in Danqing pictures, and the times are seen in light and shadow pictures. On the opening day, the exhibition has already attracted thousands of visitors. CCTV, Beijing TV, CCTV, Sohu TV, Tencent Video, Youku Video, Netease Video, Toutiao Video, iQiyi Video, China News Service, People’s Daily client , China Net, China Net, China Economic News Net, Phoenix Net, People’s Finance Net, China Financial Times, China Photography, Popular Photography, China Photographers Association Net, Image China Net, etc. more than 200 media made on-site reports. The exhibition also carefully designed multiple links to provide a platform for more outstanding photographers and calligraphers and painters to learn and display their talents. Baoguo Temple “Splendid Kyushu · Charming Era” International Photography, Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition looks forward to your visit, exhibition, comminicate!

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