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SPOONYARD x Ina Jang 2022 Limited Co-branded Collection Debuts

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SPOONYARD x Ina Jang 2022 Limited Co-branded Collection Debuts

This season, SPOONYARD teamed up with emerging photography artist Ina Jang to launch the first joint series. Through Ina Jang’s poetic works of art, a clothing series coexisting with life style and imagination space was constructed. Ina Jang’s unique perception of still life, shadows, and use of color endows the work with new connotations, and presents a playful and avant-garde creative spirit. The series, called Radiator Theatre, was inspired by Ina Jang’s accidental observation that light coming in from a south-facing window in the studio illuminated a heater several feet away from the bed. Four of these works are used in this joint series: “rose” (rose), “disco” (disco), “mohohan” (blur) and “blues” (blues), the highly avant-garde art works are complemented by soft Simple clothing colors create a sense of fashion given by simple aesthetics.

The SPOONYARD x Ina Jang joint series covers men’s and women’s clothing. It is sewn into hooded sweaters, round neck sweaters, and coach jackets with high-definition patch printing and special-shaped tailoring. It matches natural tones, loose silhouettes, and unique textures. Each garment features a special co-branded label on the back or on the cuff details to mark the commemorative collaboration between the two parties. The series will be available in limited quantities at SPOONYARD’s designated channels on September 28.

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