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spotlight | from dawn to fall

Stefan Eckhard, Daniel Rumpel, Johannes Herbst, Philip Oszwald and Clemens Landkammer founded the band “from dawn to fall“in and around Vienna. Two years later they already had a contract with “The Arcadia Agency” and their debut album “the beginning“ was in the starting blocks.

The band played countless concerts in clubs at home and abroad as well as numerous festival appearances, and their following quickly grew. In 2009 they released the acoustic EP “Acoustic Chapter”, which could be downloaded for free. In March 2011 the second album “risingAnd the band released real singles with music videos for the first time. The songs “Rome” and “Rising” moved away from the initial emo style and towards more rock sounds.

“From Dawn to Fall” released the album “Rising” in Japan in 2011, their debut album was also released in Japan in 2012 and they even toured Japan in the same year. and they did a major European tour.

In September 2015 the third album “blvrs“ hit the stores, the accompanying single was called “You’re Not Alone”. Just a month later, in October 2015, they gave their farewell concert in Vienna’s WUK. The band’s history only lasted about 10 years, but their album trilogy will never be forgotten.

And now, 15 years after the release of their debut album, the band is back in the arena for a revival gig. Come on, everyone who has any connection to this incredible band. it will be so wonderful!

07.12.2023 / from dawn to fall in der arena (fb-event) (tickets)

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