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spotlight | orbit – wienkonzert.com

orbit“The real name is Marcel Heym and he moved to Berlin when he was in his early twenties. But he quickly realized that the big city wasn’t for him and that’s why he moved back to his somewhat smaller hometown. A little later he started a very atmospheric music project and released it entirely on his own under the name “orbit“his debut EP”perspectives“in 2020.

In 2021 he released his second EP “summer someday“And he called on his fans to join him in organizing concerts in their hometowns. Then he went on tour and played in many crazy, private venues. In 2022, “Orbit” released its debut album “fever dreams“ to the (virtual) stores and there was another tour, this time in a more professional setting.

The second album “was released in spring 2023sunday by the river“And now, in December 2023, he is going on a small tour with his latest work through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and England. If you like it melancholic and have a preference for indietronica, “Orbit” is the perfect place for you. It will definitely be an intense and very beautiful concert. Treat yourself to a ticket and enjoy!

11.12.2023 / orbit im flex cafe (fb-event) (tickets)

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