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spotlight | pabst – wienkonzert.com

Posted on 2. Dezember 2023

In short: in 2016, Erik Heise, Tore Knipping and Tilman Kettner from Berlin founded the band “Pabst”. The first EP “skinwalker“. This was followed by a few appearances and in 2017 he was nominated for the Anchor Award of the Reeperbahn Festival. They didn’t win the prize, but they did get a lot of attention. In 2018 they released their debut album “chlorine“. A few tours and support slots later, two more albums followed: in 2020 the album “deuce ex machina“ and in 2022 the album “crushed by weight of the world„.

Already in September 2022, “Pabst” put on an energetic and extremely loud show in the Rhiz (read here) and if there had been no sound problems back then, it would have been a contender for the best show of 2022. In any case, after a successful tour together with Billy Talent and an equally successful festival summer, they are now on their own tour again and this time they are stopping in Chelsea. It will be wild and probably deafening again (don’t forget your hearing protection!) and there will be a “Kiss Me” cover. what more do you want? Grab your ticket and head to Chelsea!

08.12.2023 / pabst im chelsea (fb-event) (tickets)

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Pabst Spotlight

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