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spotlight | we are scientists

the history of “we are scientists“ starts, like so many bands, at the university. chris cain, keith murray and miachel tapper ran into each other on the pomona college campus in claremont. after graduating, the three moved to berkeley in 2000 and the idea of ​​a band began to take shape. as quickly as they had moved to berkeley, they had also moved on again: the next path led them to brooklyn, where they recorded their debut album “saftey, fun and learning (in that order)“ (2002) on.

after a few self-produced ep’s (“bitchin” 2002, “in action” 2003, “the wolf’s hour” 2004) the breakthrough came with the second album “with love and squalor“, which was recorded in sunny Los Angeles and released on Virgin Records in 2006. the singles “nobody move nobody get hurt” and “the great escape” followed, festival appearances and rotation at music stations were the positive consequences.

during the recording of the third album “brain thrust mastery(2008) michael tapper left, and only during the recording of the following albumbarbara‘ (2010) they had found a replacement in the form of ex-razorlight member andy burrows on drums. From then on things went uphill again and super hits like “rules don’t stop”, “nice guys” or “i don’t bite” appeared.

they separated from management and label and wandered aimlessly around in the music universe for a while. not only did the single “something about you/le me win” come into being, but also the “business casual ep” (2013), before they embarked in 2014 with a new record company, the album “tv in french‘ and new drummer Keith Carne reported back. “helter seltzer‘ (2016) and ‘megaplex“ (2018) were the names of the following long players, who had small, but not necessarily big hits up their sleeves. during the early days of the pandemic, “we are scientists” used the time and were active streamers and podcasters (“dumpster dive”). in 2021 the group released their seventh album “huffy“, a year later, in 2022, followed the eighth release “lobes„.

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anyone who has ever experienced “we are scientists” live knows for sure that a very funny evening awaits! so if you want a carefree and entertaining easter sunday, you should quickly get one of the last tickets! it will be great, that’s guaranteed!

09.04.2023 / we are scientsits im flex (fb-event) (tickets)

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