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Spring Festival Movies Set New Box Office Records in China

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Spring Festival Box Office Surpasses Last Year, Enters Top Two in Chinese Film History

The Spring Festival during this year has turned out to be a lucrative affair for the Chinese film industry, with box office numbers exceeding last year’s total and entering the top two in Chinese film history. According to the Beijing Evening News, as of 8:11 a.m. today, the Spring Festival box office has reached an impressive 6.811 billion yuan, excluding pre-sales, which surpasses last year’s total of 6.758 billion yuan. The current total is now second only to the box office for the 2021 Spring Festival, which stood at 7.822 billion yuan.

A total of 8 new films were released during the Spring Festival, with “Hot” directed by Jia Ling and “Flying Life 2” directed by Han Han emerging as the top performers at the box office. “Hot” has achieved a box office of 2.345 billion yuan and has a Douban score of 8.0, attracting up to 70% of female viewers with its inspirational and life-awakening themes. Meanwhile, “Flying Life 2” currently has a total box office of 2.05 billion yuan, surpassing its predecessor in various aspects.

“Article 20” directed by Zhang Yimou has a total box office of 1.046 billion yuan and has received significant praise from audiences and netizens, despite ranking fourth in the box office during this year’s Spring Festival. The 3D animated film “Bear Bears: Reverse Time and Space” also performed well, exceeding 1.1 billion yuan in box office numbers, ranking third in the Spring Festival.

However, not all Spring Festival movies met expectations, with “Let’s Shake the Sun Together” being withdrawn from the schedule and postponed to March 30 due to unsatisfactory performance. Despite this, the total number of screenings during this year’s Spring Festival (including pre-sales) exceeded 3.75 million, setting a new record for the total number of screenings during the Spring Festival in Chinese film history.

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With the Spring Festival period lasting eight days this year, one day longer than in previous years, the current trend indicates that the total box office of this year’s Spring Festival movies will reach a record high, marking a successful and prosperous season for the Chinese film industry.

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