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Star Fresh Visitors | The post-90s beauty Xiaohua Mencius Yiyu’s concave shape is more than just glamorous! _Fashion

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Original title: Star Fresh Visitors | The post-90s beauty Xiaohua Mencius has a concave shape in the rain, not just beautiful!

Rely on your own strength to make the audience fall in love with her face and at the same time fall in love with her good character. Who can you think of when you mention these keywords?

Mencius in “Fifty Kilometer Taohuawu” is straightforward and generous, and uses many classic Men’s quotations to impress everyone.

In Lianzong’s “Daughters’ Love”, Mencius’s concept of love and the way of getting along with perfect affinity also made many netizens say: The highlight moment of Ms. Meng is here, the character is good, and the smile of Mencius is really a treasure girl. .

The Reuters picture of the hot work “Agarwood like crumbs” also surprised the audience to see Mencius’s new costume style. The cool and generous beauty is really too dazzling.

In addition to full scores in the sense of artistry, Mencius is also a walking fashion spirit. He often shares daily Mencius on social platforms. Not only will he update his favorite makeup and items intimately, but he will also exchange experience with interested fans. A proper grass planter.

The latest fashion styles have also let everyone see the ever-changing and diverse Mencius, the blue diamond princess dress, the color matching is high-level and unconventional, probably the sense of sight of the Disney princess at large.

Cute and sexy feel, Mencius has the most say, the black velvet suspender dress not only perfectly outlines the beautiful figure, but also makes Mencius’ temperament look more retro and advanced.

The white puff-sleeved one-piece skirt seems simple, but it is also full of pure desire that is controlled by Mencius. The excellent body proportion is definitely the best match for fashionable clothing.

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Daily private clothes are also a walking grass planter. The silhouette suits necessary for autumn and winter and the cute pink short tops, this mix and match not only keep warm and look good, but also increase the proportion of the body, which is a perfect weapon for the street.

The fluffy sweaters with irregular burrs are versatile and playful.

Sohu Fashion Dialogue with Mencius


Mencius, who is well versed in fashion, also has excellent expressive power in driving blockbuster pictorials. As the protagonist of this issue of star visitors, Mencius’s first look is a beautiful retro girl with a green print hairband and brown and white. The color-blocked loafers have a full sense of autumn and winter atmosphere.

Under the gentle light, the shirt with wooden ears and the long, lazy, retro-looking curly hair are intertwined with each other to create a melodious beauty of soft cotton.

Blue shirt, patterned vest: CARVEN

Black pleated skirt: YOEYYOU

Printed socks: Happy Socks

Loafers: DISSONA


Green bricks and green tiles, misty rain, a sweet smile in the slightly humid air, caramel makeup and tannin suits collide with a natural match, and every shot is pleasant and beautiful.

The autumn mood is strong, and the interlacing of warmth and sweetness is vividly embodied by Mencius.

Blue suit: MOSCHINO

Plaid inside: MO&Co.

Black ankle boots: Sergio Rossi

Necklace: YVMIN


For the princess dreams of most girls, gauze skirts are definitely an indispensable and important role. The warm white sweaters give the flowing gauze skirts a wintery breath. It is a double combination of dream and softness between gestures.

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The pearl accessories are the icing on the cake that makes Mencius realize the dream of a beautiful princess in this blockbuster film. The blurry lens feels both beauty and distance. If it is separated and stunning, it is probably that way.

Printed cardigan: CARVEN

Inside a T-shirt, white gauze skirt: Miss Sixty

Necklace: MOSCHINO

Loafers: DISSONA


Use the simplest collocation to explain the most comfortable mood. The classic pair of jeans and blouses will never go out of style. With comfortable white shoes, step on the raindrop moss on the bluestone slab, refreshing, pleasant, fashionable and comfortable.

Mencius loves to laugh, and her uncomplicated look makes her smile more comfortable.

White Polo shirt, sports shoes: Lacoste

Jeans: Miss Sixty

Printed socks: Happy Socks

After the shooting, Mencius also accepted an exclusive interview with Sister So and carefully shared his fashion experience~

Sohu Fashion:Which one of the four LOOKs shot today is your favorite and why?

Mencius:I personally like the look of the sweater, it is very warm and versatile.

Sohu Fashion:What style do you prefer to wear in private?

Mencius:My personal clothes are more white sweaters, simple and comfortable, and warm.

Sohu Fashion:This autumn and winter to share with you a fashion trend or single product, what would you recommend?

Mencius:I would recommend the scarf. In the cold winter, the scarf is not only fashionable, but also very warm.

Sohu Fashion:What kind of outfits do girls on the road wear that will attract your attention?

Mencius:If I see a large area of ​​contrasting clothing, it will attract my attention and feel that there is a strong sense of visual impact.

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Sohu Fashion:What kind of actor do you want to be? What do you value most in your future career?

Mencius:I would even want to be a star with masterpieces, perform good works, and try more roles that suit me.

Sohu Fashion:How do you understand Chinese style? What is the most representative element of “Chinese style” in your mind?

Mencius:The first thing I can think of is cheongsam. I think cheongsam is a very representative of Chinese costumes.

Sohu Fashion:Is there any influence on your outlook on love after participating in “Daughters’ Love”? What is your view of love?

Mencius:There is not much influence, and I still do not forget my original intention. The state of love I understand is that two people are both being themselves and can attract each other, and then they are happy together.

Sohu Fashion:What is the latest popular vocabulary or sentence of Get?

Mencius:My DNA moved.

Sohu Fashion:Which emoji is your favorite for sending WeChat messages?

Mencius:I really like to use my mother’s emoticon pack.

Sohu Fashion:What kind of character do you want to challenge the most?

Mencius:Personally, I really want to challenge that kind of black-bellied character, smart villain.

Sohu Fashion:Do you like the style in the costume drama or the modern drama style?

Mencius:I like them very much and think they are all good attempts.


Director system / Fan Yijun

Editing, modeling / Li Xin

Photography/ Nie Yunhui

Artist Coordination / Wen Jing

Video/ Yang Shaojie

Makeup / Jinjin LIAO

Hair / Yang Yong WOWstudio

Clothing assistance / Yaoyao

New Media/ WendyReturn to Sohu to see more


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