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Station B launches the largest UP main variety show, “Bilibili Rush Forward” opens a big summer break – yqqlm

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Station B launches the largest UP main variety show, “Bilibili Rush Forward” opens a big summer break – yqqlm

Source: Caijing Network

2022-08-07 12:51

On August 7, Bilibili (hereinafter referred to as “Bilibili”) and Anhui Satellite TV launched the UP main water reality program “Bilibili Rush Forward” officially launched. From now on, the program will be updated every Wednesday and Sunday at 12 noon.

This is the first time that Bilibili has launched an outdoor reality break-through variety show, and it is currently the largest UP main variety show at Bilibili. “Bilibili Rush Forward” integrates Anhui Satellite TV’s classic program “Boys and Girls Rush Forward” into the elements of station B, redesigns the level, completes the innovation of the world view, and turns the program into an offline warrior game, where guests become warriors. Save the world from evil dragons and release happiness. Warriors can go through the level alone or in teams. If you successfully clear the level, you can get the Medal of Honor and a refrigerator as a reward.

It is worth noting that the guests of “Bilibili Rush Forward” are UP masters in various fields at station B. The UP masters assembled into teams with specific themes to pass the level. Among the first batch of player lineups announced by the program, including the UP masters “Ah Ma Zong”, “Tony okkii”, “Xin Xiaomeng-“, “Thirty-six cheap smiles”, who have once reached the top of “Boys and Girls Rush Forward”. Yamashiro Oguri Shun’s Haircut Diary” and other popular UP hosts at Station B, this program has become a summer team building activity for UP hosts at Station B.

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In addition to the UP master, “Bilibili Rush Forward” also invited a group of young artists to participate in the program, such as Zhang Jiayuan, a member of the popular men’s group INTO1, Sun Yihang, a post-00 idol, and rapper TangoZ also joined “Bilibili” Miles Forward”, in the first episode of the show, he served as the “Bard Merchant – Refrigerator Messenger” on the high platform.

In terms of program configuration, “Bilibili Rush Forward” specially added the role of a game commentator. CCTV’s famous mouth Han Qiaosheng and vitality girl Lai Meiyun partnered for the first time, commenting and commenting on the live broadcast of the UP main breakthrough, making the program more interesting.


Compared with the traditional real-world variety shows in China, “Bilibili Rush Forward” pays more attention to youth and interactivity, integrates current pop culture stalks to create game content, weakens the purpose of the challenge, and emphasizes the interaction and fun of the UP master. . On the one hand, the show maintains the traditional characteristics of summer water games, thereby setting off a “renaissance” of variety shows for the post-80s and 90s. Create new summer entertainment content.

For a long time, the variety shows of station B have been based on their own community content and are closely connected with the platform community ecology. OGV content and PUGV content are integrated with each other. Variety shows capture the preferences of young people, enrich the content on the site, and create new trends, while the community provides positive feedback for variety show content and prolongs the vitality of variety show content.

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“Bilibili Rush Forward” is a typical example of community variety show at station B. It further demonstrates the production logic of variety show content at station B and provides innovative content for young audiences this summer.

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